Clever and Creative Bench Advertisements

Clever and Creative Bench Advertisements

Creative uses of benches in advertising campaigns by various companies.

Becherovka “Get Closer” Bench

Becherovka is a traditional Czech liquor enjoyed my men and women. Long-term commucation stategy of Becherovka is captured is a slogan: Get closes. That’s why our Becherovka bench is specially designed to help people do just that.

Becherovka Get Closer Bench Advertisement

Becherovka Get Closer Bench Advertisement 2

Calgary Zoo Bench Advertisement

“The baby giraffe is here.”

Calgary Zoo Bench Advertisement

Calgary Zoo Bench Advertisement 2

Erasco Bench Advertisement

“Heisse Tasse” means hot cup.

Erasco Bench Advertisement

KitKat Bench Advertisement

Creative outdoor advertising by Nestle.

KitKat Bench Advertisement

IKEA Bench Advertisement

Creative park bench advertisement for IKEA.

IKEA Bench Advertisement

Emirates Today Bench Advertisement

Emirates Today Bench Advertisement

Melbourne Citymission Height Chart Ad

“Kids shouldn’t grow up on the street.”

Melbourne Citymission Height Chart Ad

Book Bench Advertisement

The city of Istanbul is promoting reading with book benches. Benches that look like an open book have been placed around the city and on each bench which carry poems from 18 famous Turkish poets.

Reading Bench Advertisement

Slim Fast Bench Advertisement

“Donated by Slim-Fast.”

Slim Fast Bench Advertisement

Travel Alberta Bench Advertisement

Creative campaign to promote skiing in Alberta, Canada.

Travel Alberta Bench Advertisement

Energy Fitness Unlimited Bench Ad

Clever gym advertisement in India.

Energy Fitness Unlimited Bench Advertisement

Energy Fitness Unlimited Burn Calories Advertisement

Companhia Athletica Bench Advertisement

Companhia Athletica placed slanted benches in parks. Every time someone tries to sit down, they slide off.

Companhia Athletica Bench Advertisement

Pampers Bench Advertisement

“See how sitting can be a real work-out.”

Pampers Bench Advertisement

BMX Rider Magazine Bench

Creative bench ad for BMX Rider magazine.

BMX Rider Magazine Bench Advertisement

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  1. mehmehmeh

    Slim fast one is hilarious!!

  2. Jorge

    Very clever!! Most of them are really creative.

  3. gary holmes

    Great collection here. My fave is KitKat bench, very clever + yet bench is still usable too.

  4. David Alich

    very cool…if you can’t sit on the first one, it’s diet time!

  5. Creative Writing

    you know, i work in advertising. it can get boring very quickly, but when i see stuff like this, i get really inspired. awesome find.


  6. games

    Very smart and original

  7. Karen

    do you know which design/advertising firm designed the KitKat bench? very clever! thanks for posting.

  8. Takashi Kusuma

    wow that’s great

  9. Pelapapas

    Fantastic! thanks!

  10. Malcolm

    I think I’d get annoyed if I was in a park, wanted to sit down, and only saw a fraction of a bench seat (Slim Fast), fell on my butt (Companhia Athletica), or had a biker crash into me (BMX Rider). Sorry to be Mr. Pissy Pants, but context is everything in advertising. These are clever to us sitting in offices, but how do they play in the real world?

  11. Mr. Anti-Pissy Pants

    Um, wouldn’t you think twice about sitting on a bench that you’d fall off of if you were overweight? Also, I think a biker would refrain from jumping over a bench if it had people sitting on it.

    But I sure got my laughs out of this! StumbleUpon FTW!

  12. julie

    They are not meant to be practical but to draw attention to the company they are promoting. They are just commercials. Every time you walk by you’ll think, “oh yeah, there’s the Kitkat bench. I sure could go for a kitkat right about now”. And there you have it.

  13. ahmet

    This pictures is perfeckt…:D

  14. Ed

    Gosh, losts of people taking this seriously. they are just creating brand awareness guys, like julie said, if people see and enjoy it, their view of the company will in turn rise. calm down no ones going to get hurt by bmx’ers

  15. Kelly

    I’d call most of those art. I really liked the Kit Kat bench. Mmm chocolate!

  16. Adeline

    This is so cute! I love slim fast and kit kat is definitely attractive, it doesn’t need anybody to think more.

  17. joy

    Like Creative Writing above, I work in advertising as well. Seeing creative work like this makes me totally wish my creative guys were set free to do what they will.

    Love the baby giraffe bench and the Alberta one. And, I’m totally blogging the Kit Kat bench this week.

  18. Avogana

    Love the slimfast one! I wonder if anyone ever uses it?

  19. Diamond

    very creative stuff here, although id imagine the “get closer one” would be very uncomfortable if it was just one person sitting in the middle lol

  20. dondurma

    I saw one of them in istanbul, very comfortable :) thanks alot for these pictures, very original ideas.

  21. katie

    i love the slim fast one

  22. mrs. rogers

    hehe wouldnt it be funny if the kitkat bench and the slimfast bench were in the same park….

  23. adil


  24. David

    Brilliant. I like the “get closer” one a lot actually.

  25. amanhem

    i like them
    and i saw book bench in istanbul Ataturk airport metro station and around the İstanbul streets,

  26. chandan singh

    what a collection…

  27. Lolah

    I loved the Pampers bench…reminds you of how hard it was tryna climb chairs when you were kid…memories

  28. Santiagonumez

    Hııım Türksh Süper:::):)

  29. Uvo

    They’re absolutely brilliant. The baby Giraffe one really made me laugh. We need to start doing stuff like this in my country.

  30. Tukang Nggame

    i like all creative advertisements, but i more like Travel Alberta Bench Advertisement cause mixing function with ads.

  31. kunej

    the ones in istanbul, the idea is good , really but the looks…
    loved “use only what you need” ones though.

  32. robb

    sliding bench is the best !!
    get closer bench will be my 2nd favorite.

  33. Joe DB

    Just stumbled across this. Hilarious finds!

  34. Tyrone

    great ideas!

  35. Kayla

    The one by Ikea would be great for hobos haha.

  36. a stranger

    I want to try the Companhia Athletica..haha

  37. omats


  38. asma

    Wow these are amazing, and funny too. My company is planning to do somthing like this aswell, im quite sure looking at these its definately gonna work out. Could any anyone please suggest me some more sites where i can find some study on these, im the one working on it to get some more info on it.


  39. HoLan

    Every comment makes me laugh as well as all the creative
    benches.Long live TOXEL.

  40. Lamin Manga

    Love all the creatives here! Was in California in January and got inspired to introduce bench ads to The Gambia. Where can i have them manufactured?? Any suggestions???
    Well done Toxel!

  41. MandaPanda

    very cool!! lol love it <3

  42. Bren Bren

    Really goood design. In Mexico there are are a collection of 40 benchs, called :Take a Sit and Read (Toma Asiento y Lee) for encouraging reading. Seats of design inpired in the literature. Check out, and be surprised.
    Seats of:
    The little prince, Alice in Wonderland,Cat Black, etc.

    Toma Asiento y Lee -FACEBOOK

  43. Mike

    Calgary has a zoo? I thought the animals were in power there.

  44. Reena

    Wow!! these are impressive, and suspect too. My associate is planning to do somthing like this aswell,

  45. rikitingting

    These are really cool and creative! I like the Erasco, KitKat and Travel Alberta, memorable and still practical. The Slim Fast is unpractical, but creative and also memorable! The first one, Denver Water, is also creative, but I think it’s such a waste of space and material if it’s only a one-seater. Even if its for advertisement only, they could have considered that; like Slim Fast.

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