Animal Bags

Animal Bags

Eye-catching bags designed by Ben look like adorable faces of cute animals.

Realistic photos of cats, dogs, racoons, and other animals are printed on both sides of the bags. Creative animal bags with three-dimensional ears.

Raccoon Bag

Raccoon Bag

Brown Cat Bag

Animal Handbags

Boston Terrier Bag

Dog Handbag

Poodle Bag

Poodle Bag

Yellow Cat Bag

Yellow Cat Bag

Dog Bag

Dog Bag

White Cat Bag

Cat Handbag

Golden Retriever Bag

Dog Purse

Yorkshire Terrier Bag

Animal Purses

Leopard Bag

Leopard Bag

Owl Bag

Owl Bag

Chihuahua Bag

Chihuahua Bag

Cat Bag

Cat Bag

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  1. Gert

    Easily made on Spoonflower but still cute. Might be something fun to do with a photo of your favorite fur baby.

  2. Swiper Fox

    All you need now is a device (with recorded animal sounds) that is set on high on its volume.
    And leave it for a while and have passersby be baffled by it. XD

  3. Eric bellofatto

    Can u make a custom bag from a pic of my dog?

  4. MEW

    Male lion please.

  5. Tim Appleton

    Same as Eric. Does anybody make custom bags with a pic submitted? My daughter would love this since she left for college and misses her cat.

  6. Jamie Brock

    I love these bag and their concept. Do you have any tigers for Auburn Fans or elephant for Alabama bags? They would sell great in this football area…Bulldogs for Georgia fans, Alligators for FSU fans…the list goes on and on. I, of course would like to get in on it in some way. People who are not from the South don’t understand the fan bases,but I do and these bags would be a great representation for fans ( yes, women love football too!)

  7. Brittany

    Why is there no Pomeranian one? That’d be the cutest one

  8. dia

    can you make me a custom bag from a picture if my parrot?

  9. Denise Green

    I would like to know how much they are and how can I get one of the Boston Terrier one? Thank you

  10. Jerry

    Can u make a custom bag from a pic of my dog?

  11. wealisa

    Can you make one with a pic of a skunk?

  12. Joanne smith

    Do you have one of a bull terrier ?

  13. Erin Wagner

    I also want to know if you can make custom bags from a dog photo?

  14. Minerva

    how much are these? Im interested in the chihouhou bag

  15. Cheyenne

    Could you make a panda one?

  16. Robin Quinn

    I really MUST have the chihuahua bag!!♡

  17. Tana Fitzgerald

    Want Chihuahua Bad Desperately

  18. Nancy

    do you have chinese crested big bsgs

  19. Kari

    Would love a custom picture of my poodle. Could you do that?

  20. Victoria

    I want a pug one:)

  21. Jacky

    Need one of my siamese :P

  22. Joe

    Do you have Daushund bags?

  23. Dawn LaVo

    I would love a Boston Terrier handbag , I LOVE IT. Thanks .Dawn

  24. Phillip

    Let me know if you ever do a sugar glider.

  25. Gally

    Need fox and possum ones please

  26. Joey Clayton

    Can I please get a bull dog bag made?

  27. tami

    Where is the pekingese? I would like one please

  28. Debbi Brown

    I would like one of a westie on one side and a tan corgi on the other..can that be donenough

  29. Aimthedame

    My 8 year old REALLY wants an animal head backpack.

  30. Jeannette Niehaus

    I would like to know I can obtain a Chihuahua bag. What do I need to do?
    Thank you Jeannette.

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