Yin Yang Bathtub

Yin Yang Bathtub

Creative bathtub for two people designed by German company Trautwein.

Inspired by a Yin Yang symbol, one bathtub is separated into two sections.

Romantic bathtub for couples is equipped with speakers and LED lights.

Trautwein Yin Yang Bathtub


Yin Yang Bath

Bathtub for Couples

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  1. dexter

    max level friendzoned bathtub….

  2. Pearl Lamie

    Real romance is sharing skin in the water!

  3. Betty

    For friends, sure, but for lovers? Why??

  4. Swiper Fox

    I think it would be better if the partition between the two tubs is removable.

    Intimate people when bathing together uses only 1 tub; not 2.

    If only as friends, they either use either separate tubs in separate bathrooms, or just 1 person at a time if there is only 1 bathroom.

  5. erynne

    dexter is spot on. If you’re romantic with a person, you’re sharing a tub, end of story.

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