Memorable Outdoor Advertising

Memorable Outdoor Advertising

Unique and creative outdoor advertising campaigns from all over the world.

Pizza Billboard

Clever billboard designed to promote Donatos pizza. [more pizza ads]

Pizza Billboard

Frozen Bus Stop

Bus shelters in Russia were decorated to look frozen as a part of summer marketing campaign for Coca-Cola.

Frozen Bus Stop

Giant Rejoice Comb

Large comb was used to promote Rejoice hair products. [shampoo ads]

Giant Rejoice Comb

Mini Billboard

Car and a surfer were placed on a Mini Countryman billboard. [mini ads]

Mini Billboard

Heinz Bus Stop Ad

Bus shelter filled with tomatoes promotes Heinz Ketchup. [bus stop ads]

Heinz Bus Stop Ad

Cadbury Billboard

Fantastic ad designed to look like a giant chocolate bar. [more billboards]

Cadbury Billboard

Dumocalcin Giant Bones

Bridge columns in Indonesia were transformed into oversized bones.

Dumocalcin Giant Bones

Crunched Billboard

Cool billboard in Denver reminds drivers that tailgating isn’t worth it.

Crunched Billboard

Tibits Giant Fork

Oversized fork was used to promote Tibits vegetarian restaurant.

Tibits Giant Fork

McDonald’s Crosswalk

Pedestrian crosswalk was decorated to look like McDonald’s fries.

McDonalds Crosswalk

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  1. Niyari

    The one on tailgating is pretty awesome

  2. k

    The fork and the comb are the best!

  3. Nataly

    Amusing ads=)

  4. raymond simandjuntak

    the giant bones one.. i dont think that is for real..

  5. Karin L.

    Quite humerous!

  6. adjee

    I like the bones columns in Indonesia. I can’t believe they would spend what seems like a really expensive ad like this. I hope they received a lot of sales because of this.

  7. tobicom

    Just like the Pizza commercial hmm so hungry! :)

  8. shelby

    i never see that bone in my country

  9. patrick

    I wonder if you need a permit here in Los Angeles to install a giant comb on a telephone pole?

  10. Arabian

    great ideas =)

  11. indo

    that bones, my friends said it is real. if i’m not wrong, that bones are in salemba (in jakarta), near cipto mangunkusumo hospital. that is dumocalcin ( one of the name of drugs for bone) advertising. @ shelby, maybe you never cross that street, so you never see that bones. if that bones doesn’t exist anymore, i guess the drug company( dumocalcin) has stopped the advertising ^^v

  12. Garrett Davis

    Utilizing the environment for advertising = win.

  13. @willisetech

    I’m fond of the Tidbits ad with the fork. I HATE billboard ads, because they often destroy scenic vistas.

    I don’t eat McD’s food, and don’t drink Coca Cola, so it doesn’t matter what they do, it won’t get my attention.

  14. kaee

    hahaha i like the hair comb one and mickey d’s one! pretty creative!

  15. Vanessa

    Friggin genius ..some of these ideas…if Mcdees was allowed to do this all over the world..they would be proud to sponsor every crossing there is…lol
    nice pun karin
    the chocolate one is to die for…will have me spending all of my money

  16. yahya M Kumara

    the bone column. yes, I saw it. pretty smart idea.

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