12 Stylish and Creative Sinks

12 Stylish and Creative Sinks

Creative and unusual sinks that will look great in any modern bathroom.

Towel Rail Sink

Stylish bathroom sink comes with integrated hanger for your towel.

Towel Rail Sink

Steel Sink

Cool sink decorated with lines that resemble the way water drains.

Steel Sink

Vessel Sink

Swan sinks will make a beautiful addition to any luxury bathroom. Better sinks designed for better kitchens.

Vessel Sink

Patagonia Sink

Concrete sink mold designed to resemble a fallen tree branch.

Patagonia Sink

Glass Sink

Contemporary bowl shaped bathroom sink made from glass.

Glass Sink

Stone Sink

Unique bathroom sink carved from one-of-a-kind river stone.

Stone Sink

Futuristic Sink

Stylish sink designed by HANSA comes with its own futuristic faucet.

Futuristic Sink

Moon Slice Sink

Creative kitchen sink by Granite Naples resembles new moon.

Moon Sink

Mr.Splash Sink

Futuristic pedestal shaped sink designed by Jorge Bibiloni.

Mr Splash Sink

Water Slide Sink

Turn on the faucet and watch the water flow down its unique shape.

Water Slide Sink

Stroehmann Sink

Beautiful sink looks like a round plate with intricate cut-outs.

Stroehmann Sink

Sonolo Sink

Stylish bathroom sinks designed by Italian company Tendadorica.

Sonolo Sink

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  1. Kosmo

    i like!!! but not for my place…

  2. ross

    wow, glorious designs. absolutely glorious

  3. Mida

    I would have ALL of them in my home! lol

  4. gunneos

    some of them are too fancy. i imagine knocking elbows on the glass sink.

  5. Fillibert

    What about slashing, don’t want to walk out of the washroom with wet pants or have to wipe the sink after each use

  6. Art of Concept

    Some are really nice, but most look a bit messy…
    I like the futuristic one a lot!

  7. Betty

    When it comes to a sink, it’s all about utility and ease of cleaning. Not sure these pass.

  8. Ali

    Love the Sonolo and the Mr. Splash sink. Interesting concepts, but in terms of practicality, I wouldn’t really want to have them in my bathroom.

  9. Ali

    Shoot.. and by ‘them’, I meant all of the sinks, not just the two mentioned.

  10. forumlogic

    Surely you mean (wash)basins? You’d never do your washing up in any of these contraptions!!

  11. Ben

    @ forumlogic :
    Unless you buy your dishes at the same place !…

  12. Diego

    yeah , love them all

  13. Karin L.

    Pretty darn cool!

  14. Reilly

    These are beyond awesome. I like the Sonolo and the Futuristic ones the best.

  15. Nadia

    they do look like they could be awfully slippery but i like the glass and swan sinks!

  16. Justin

    It would seem that some people create things just to “create”… Sort of like Dr. Frankenstein…

  17. Allrich

    Once again, Utility is greatly wanting in most of ’em.
    Aesthetics,…..no problem,although the glass use some colour or luminance

  18. Anders

    I like the Vessel, Futuristic, Glass and Waterslide ones

  19. Shockwave

    I think the futuristic, slide, and swan sinks would be good for my place.

  20. Mirjam

    How about wooden sinks, huh? Not one was represented. We feel left out!

  21. Catherine

    I love them. Sinks are on display all the time so it’s a perfect household item to apply some good design to.

  22. anu


  23. rodin

    man i so wanna let my hamester slide on the slide sink and like make a mini pool 4 him:D he loves water

  24. Kevin

    I think the caption writer should consider his/her words more when using “futuristic”. I think I will become one dirty boy if sinks in the future start to look like these.

    Some of them are pretty to look at, but try looking at that several times a day every day, and it quickly looses any shred of appeal it may have had. Best to place them next to a usable wash basin and just call it a statue. That way when it outlives its charm(?) it can be more easily replaced.

    Finally, that kitchen sink? I truly feel for the maid.

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