Beautiful Vacation House in Spain

Beautiful Vacation House in Spain

This spectacular vacation house, designed by Cadaval & Sola-Morales, is located on the Spanish side of the Pyrenees mountains.

Large windows on the side overlook the valley, while identical windows on the top of the roof provide breathtaking views of the mountains.

Vacation House

Vacation Home

Vacation House in Spain


Vacation House Interior

Home Interior

House at the Pyrenees

House in Spain

Home in Spain

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  1. Megan

    Stunning house! That being said, I do feel sorry for the person that has to clean the windows on the roof…

  2. Art of Concept

    It looks mountain-shaped, maybe the architect was inspired by the views, if so, amazing! Looks really nice!

  3. Betty

    It’s very nice but rather cold. It looks like a sleek meeting hall. If it were mine, I’d be inclined to stuff it with warm soft stuff to make it more homey.

  4. enav

    beautiful ???? futuristic or minimalist but not beautiful

  5. Toasty Ohs

    I like the odd angels, the floor, and the clean lines, but everything else in there looks wrong.

  6. Karin L.

    I always wanted an A-frame!

  7. James Anzalone

    OK… So I know its kind of awful for me to focus on this when there are all those wonderful pictures of the home.. but I cant help myself.


    anyway.. its certainly interesting, the windows make it.

  8. shala

    so big space!it feel fine of overlook vally.

  9. MonMon

    Simple and fancy i love it :D

  10. Jack

    Interesting. Like it on the outside… until it goes inside. There are a lot of windows, true… but all weirdly positioned so it looks like the views actually are small and crappy when you could have bigger, panoramic windows that do a lot more with such an awesome view.

    The inside layout and decor are *terrible*.

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