Newspaper Sculptures

Newspaper Sculptures

Nick Georgiou makes creative three-dimensional sculptures out of recycled newspapers, magazines, and books.

Unique creations look like animals, humans, and fictional characters.

Newspaper Sculpture

Newspaper Head

Nick Georgiou Newspaper Art


Newspaper Bicycle

Newspaper Street Art

Newspaper Animal

Newspaper Skateboarder

Newspaper Portrait

Newspaper Street Creature

Newspaper Thing

Newspaper Ballerina

Newspaper Creature

Newspaper People

Newspaper Beast

Newspaper Art

Newspaper Person

Newspaper Skype

Nick Georgiou

For more paper art, check out: Book Sculptures and Book Carvings

  1. miggy

    honestly speaking its pretty
    pretty scary!!!

  2. Ninja Egg:D

    I appreciate art. I like this and I think it is pretty good. But I must agree with miggy, that is just frightening! :O

  3. Daylon

    Scary can be exciting! This stuff is really interesting work. I like seeing it for sure.

  4. Hitesh Jain

    Brilliant. Awesome. Love you guys

  5. Meenu

    It’s creative but I don’t think I would like to keep any them!

  6. Aerwhyn

    I told you there was aliens taking over the world! I told you but no one believed me! The apocalypse is coming!

    On another note, these are simply amazing =D

  7. Lilia Smiles

    Asian lady looks freaked out! : ) Some look a little less creepy than others but I wouldn’t want to see one of those, especially the dog-thing, in a dim alleyway.

  8. Vasquez

    I want to buy some of this!

  9. zak

    I could definitely sport the mask while I walk my recycled paper dog:)

  10. Subarulol

    This should be the Kings replace ment for burge king XD imagine waking up to that giving you a croisandwich >:D

  11. flatsolid

    It’s a great metaphor for the power of press to terrify people.

  12. aditia

    scary, creepy but still creative


    the best

  14. douglas

    The one doggy looking creature is guarding his future friends and family at the newstand.

  15. Nisa Zul

    it scared me… i don’t like it…

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