Creative Playgrounds

Creative Playgrounds

Unusual and creative playgrounds designed by Danish company Monstrum.

Eye-catching playground structures look like airplanes, ships, buildings, and different animals. They feature climbing walls, chin-up bars, rope bridges, and fun slides that were designed for the kids of all ages.

Playground by Monstrum

Unique Playground

Creative Playground



Cool Playground

Modern Playground

Monstrum Playground

Monstrum Playgrounds

Children Playground

Awesome Playground

Amazing Playground

Wounderful Playground

Innovative Playground

Fun Playground

Designer Playground

Castle Playground

Insane Playground

Play House

Childrens Playground

Playground Architecture

Playgrounds by Monstrum

Clever Playground

Creative Play House

Kids Playground


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  1. Diego

    i love the one with the gigant slade

  2. Spectator

    It appears, I did not have an appropriate childhood

  3. Nisa Zul

    Nice… I wish can join them playing now…
    I would like to have one!

  4. KraZy

    My elementry school didn’t even have a playground, just a courtyard :(.

  5. steven


  6. Lynn

    These are awesome but I can’t imagine any of these playgrounds in the US. People would be vocal about the rock climbing ones being too dangerous for a small child, and you know how sue happy the US is. They are pretty cool though and I would have played on them as a kid…or maybe an adult :)

  7. unicorn

    Why didn’t any of these playgrounds existed when I was younger? :D

  8. Phil

    These are amazing seriously cool playgrounds!!! I have memories of such a parks when I was a kid even though they probably weren’t as great as these, the old imagination eh!

  9. minions

    The bending buildings are the best =]

  10. Matt

    I would of loved these as a kid!! amazing stuff

  11. Kim. C

    I envy the kids that get to play here. Wish we had these when I was a kid.

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