Light Sculptures

Light Sculptures

Japanese artist Makoto Tojiki makes beautiful three-dimensional sculptures out of thousands of bright LED lights.

Eye-catching 3D sculptures hang from the ceiling and light up the room.

Light Sculptures by Makoto Tojiki

Light Art by Makoto Tojiki

Light Art

Light Sculpture by Makoto Tojiki

Light Sculpture


LED 3D Sculpture

LED Sculptures

LED Sculpture

LED Light Sculptures

LED Lights Sculptures

LED Sculpture by Makoto Tojiki

LED Sculptures by Makoto Tojiki

LED Art by Makoto Tojiki

Makoto Tojiki

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  1. Sofa King

    This seems like a great precursor to holograms. Keep advancing almost there. Great stuff though



  3. Chad

    Very cool. A variation on pixel art.

  4. pTc


  5. Niyari

    I’d like one to light my room hahaha

  6. Talek

    Now all that needs doing is getting the lights to move and you have holograms! Well, sort of. An early form of holograms anyway.

  7. Ru

    I love the man one! It almost looks like raindrops

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