Rice Field Art in Japan

Rice Field Art in Japan

Japanese farmers of Inakadate village are famous for creating wonderful art using different types of rice plants.

Every year, rice paddy fields are decorated with giant artworks. To provide better view of the Tanbo art, 22 m tower was constructed near the fields.

Art on Rice Fields in Japan

Field Art

Japanese Rice Art

Tanbo Art

Japanese Field Art

Rice Fields Art

Rice Fields Art in Japan

Japanese Fields Art

Rice Field Art

Japanese Rice Fields Art

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  1. Fabio


  2. Bryce

    I’d buy that rice

  3. torjan

    how do they make that kind of art….

  4. douglas

    @torjan – look up “rice field art” in google images for more pictures including close ups of how its done – very cool

  5. Jussara Gonzo

    I never eat black rice! Is that good?

    Well, amazing art!

  6. Sharyn

    That’s brilliant!

    A great way to attract visitors too

  7. Lee

    Uncle Ben would be proud!

  8. Vibha

    Very Well done!

  9. James Ward

    No human could do that! At least the space aliens are getting a bit more creative. Crop circles are so passe.

  10. amir

    some of these images seemed artificial ,any where they were nice

  11. Gert

    Hmm.. not that hard if you divide up a picture into pixels and then count your seeds as you plant. Very clever concept however…

    Amir… you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about btw… Watch the video. There’s no reason to photoshop ‘some’ of them if you can do the others.

    Imagine what this guy could do with some iris bulbs though?

  12. Art of Concept

    Brilliant, I wonder how they do it, really wonderful art!

  13. costaches

    Truly awesome! I bet it takes a lot of time and patience to create these visual diamonds.

  14. Bajo

    Losing harvest huh :P Small amount of rice per hectar :P

  15. jaqi mugo

    Seriously COOL!

  16. JTKirk

    nah i wouldnt say they’re that cool …

  17. Raads

    Japanese rule! :D

  18. Julie

    @ Gert

    Nice idea! Soo true

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