Frozen Aquarium in Japan

Frozen Aquarium in Japan

Unique ice aquarium in Kesennuma, Japan features over 450 specimens of marine life preserved in lifelike poses and illuminated with blue light.

Octopuses, crabs, and different kinds of fish appear to be swimming in ice. All visitors are required to wear protective suits because the temperature inside the aquarium is set to minus 20 degrees Celsius (-5F).

Frozen Aquarium

Icy Aquarium

Japanese Aquarium

Frozen Fish

Kori no Suizokukan

Ice Aquarium

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  1. Tri Ari Handoko

    how to enjoy the fish, if its frozen? it is not moving..

  2. James Ward

    Do I have to be the first with the sushi joke?

  3. Babak

    While looking into the aquarium, I feel a deep yearning for these sea creatures to be alive, and to move around.
    Maybe it could be a relief to see the so called artist or museum manager inside a similar ice cube!

  4. JZ

    Am I the only one who’s wondering what would happen to that room if the power was cut off? It’s really beautiful, though.

  5. Nat

    Were the animals killed just to be in there? If so, it’s awful! Even if not, I’d rather see them alive!

  6. azjz

    This makes me so sad. What a complete waste.

  7. Bob

    Gorgeous. Frozen in time.

  8. Art of Concept

    I’d rather see them swim…I don’t see the point for this.

  9. Daniel

    I don’t like this awful stuff!
    Fishes are nice to see alive and swimming around!

    As a rule (of a lot): If you dive, don’t touch. Take only pictures and leave only bubbles. Keep your fins, gear, and hands away from flora and fauna.

  10. chazzzz

    weird, in a truly weird way … don’t know if I like it or not !!!! possibly a step to far for me.

  11. James

    I still feel hurt for this, really, it make me sad. NOOOO!

  12. forumlogic

    A warehouse of corpses!

  13. Stan

    I hope this is not a glimpse of the future

  14. Michalexpromo

    Well… for me it’s not a problem of dead or alive fish… I just don’t like the design.

    Fish in water are always so pure to look at.
    This looks like a designer fish market – nothing more.

  15. cindy

    swim little fishies swim

  16. Deanna

    Why would anyone want to see frozen fishes? What a waste of fossil fuels keeping that place running!

  17. Ty M.

    Pretty cool; and probably a lot less maintenance than a real aquarium- no fish to feed!

  18. AJ

    Leave it to the Japanese to do something with the oceans creatures that the rest of the world frowns upon. I guess if they call it “Art” or “Research” it is justified, right?

  19. Brightannica

    they could probably do that for study or research purpose, not for commercially used or art. It’s so mean to froze them alive like that. Apparently a lot of big universities or institutions funding this kind of research/ art.

  20. Jacob

    They don’t look very natural, it looks like trays were just frozen with some specimens from each species. which is apparently all they did. they look flat, with no interaction with the other specimens nor the space their incased it. Its interesting to look at but probably much more because of the novelty and less because of aesthetics, live aquarium definitely more dynamic to look at. they just look too dead.

    certainly interesting, i just wouldn’t pay too much to get into the museum.

  21. Jack

    Yet another example (of far too many) of the Japanese abusing the sea and the creatures in it. Sad.

  22. Muddy

    These are the same people who kill whales in the Antartic for “research “. To me it’s just an upmarket seafood store .I have nothing against the eating of seafood but either leave them alive or take a photo. This is just a waste of life and you can’t tell me it’s part of the Japanese culture as you bleet in the Whaling Commission.

  23. Raads

    I obviously dont like what has happened to the fish – but its happened, and theres nothing we can do about it. However, they would have made alot more money if they kept the fish alive, as
    #1 I dont know alot of people who would freeze just to see a couple of frozen fish,
    #2 It certainley gets boring after you’ve been there once or twice, whereas with a normal fish tank u can see the fish grow and develop,
    #3 Certain people would take this idea and go a step too far.
    omg, i sound too posh man :s :P

  24. Oza Boza

    Even you’re not concerned about the ethic of exhibiting killed bodies of fishes, keeping them alive would cost less than keeping them frozen. Think about the power needed to run this showroom.

  25. ChEeSe

    how are you suppoto enjoy them when they are so lifeless and boring? i would never go there it would just make me cry:[

  26. wtyang24

    really, why this when you can go to a top notch (super)market for the same thing but in clearer image? babak, i like your idea of the artist/manager in ice idea though :D

  27. Wulf

    Boring/cruel? for now, but when certain species die out in the future, you can always go back in the time and see how our seas looked like as how they do now.

  28. Altinay

    How Cruel! I don’t like it at all!

  29. Ayoally

    I think this is beautiful. but i don’t like how all those unique fish are now dead. it’s a glimce of the future.

  30. Scully

    As someone who knows a little about industrial refridgeration, I can safely say that once that conrtolled temerature was reached, the power consumption would be comparable to keeping the room at any controlled temperature, provided there is adequate insulation.

  31. Julia

    How sad.I mean how could you just freeze beautiful fish for “art” Fish are so much prettier when they are alive and swimming.

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