Creating Art with Food

Creating Art with Food

Beautiful works of art made out of delicious food by talented artist Hong Yi.

Series of unique artworks created using different fruits and vegetables will definitely inspire you to play with your food.

Cucumber Landscape

Food Painting by Hong Yi

Three Little Pigs

Food Art by Hong Yi

Play with Food by Hong Yi


Food Artwork by Hong Yi

Ice Cream Global Warming (Melting Arctic)

Food Creativity by Hong Yi

Banksy on a Plate

Food Creativity

The Great Rice Wave

Edible Art

Fruit Dragon

Creative Food Art


Food Artwork

Giant Squid Attack

Creativity with Food by Hong Yi

Carrot Tiger

Hong Yi

Chocolate Ballerinas

Edible Art by Hong Yi

Oreo Dogs

Red Hong Yi

Watermelon Sailboat

Food Art

The Scream

Play with Food

Carnivore vs Herbivore

Creativity with Food by Red Hong Yi

You’re My Butter Half

Creative Food Art by Hong Yi

Eggplant Circus

Food Art by Red Hong Yi

Cambell’s Ketchup Soup

Malaysian artist Hong Yi

Eggshell Chicken

Food Painting

Tomato Balloons

Playing with Food

Food Art

Art by Hong Yi

Onion Owl

Creativity with Food

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  1. Joe

    I bet she was popular with the parents at dinner time.

  2. NiDs

    You are great inspiration. <3

  3. Gert

    Ok, not that these aren’t cool and all but pretty much any exceptional cake decorator can do something similar. Well done but not terribly original.

  4. Wafaa El Ahdab

    Je vais l’envoyer à ma petite fille dalia.

  5. K

    The dragonfruit one is pretty awesome, the patience it would take to pick out and arrange those seeds is impressive. These are all neat, and a cool spin on the other ones that have been posted on here that are just flowers or a sun.

  6. Karen

    These are phenomenal!

  7. Xcallibur

    Thank you for not using photoshop :)
    Good one.

  8. Gabriel Tozarin

    Legal! Eu adorei!

  9. Black Lotus


  10. zeynab

    These are incredible…

  11. Danijeloa


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