Incredible 3D Art Made of Paper

Incredible 3D Art Made of Paper

Jeff Nishinaka creates amazing three-dimensional sculptures out of paper.

With each wonderful creation, the artist is transforming regular paper into something that looks and feels animated and alive.

3D Art Made of Paper

3D Paper Art

3D Paper Sculpture

Paper Art

Paper Sculpture

Sculpture Made of Paper

3D Paper Sculptures

Art Made of Paper

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  1. tass


  2. Bob Apples

    Holy cow. Im checking out this link asap.

  3. Chedie


    I can’t imagine these were made on paper alone!

  4. Martik

    Its not hard to make one of those! I can do that…

  5. Pete


  6. simon

    ho….! my god this is soooooo awesome dude a great talent

  7. Art of Concept

    OMG! This is really incredible art!! Always nice to see such creativity and talent!

  8. BBQ

    I do not know how he does but if it is paper, so bravo to the artist!

  9. Bajo


  10. dhani

    awesome craft.

  11. li907

    wow, this is beautiful!

  12. Aci


  13. Mario

    Wow wow wow

  14. Gert

    Excellent execution of a very old art form.

  15. kaffy

    they are breathe taking!

  16. Bird

    is that similar to origami? amazing artwork though. incredible

  17. Binc

    HOW?? :D

    … AMAZING!

  18. Cory

    wow, i love his style

  19. ME

    no way is that paper…impossible. WOW

  20. Rose

    The Lion King is just amazing

  21. Shunat

    is this 21st century origami?! :))
    its really nice though :)

  22. MMM

    Just beautiful…..

  23. Raads

    @ Martick, why don’t you give it a go, then post your results? We’ll be waiting..;)

    And i need to put my glasses on cuz i am definitley seeing things.. :P XD

  24. Numanul Subhani

    Simply amazing ….. very creative…. defintely love to buy one..!!

  25. hersheylover

    that was awesome

  26. Jenny

    Stunning arts! They really take my mind!

  27. ChEeSe

    AWESOME!! that is really good!! i wonder how long it took?

  28. Ben sterling

    it looks like they’ve been made in a 3d studio and just took a still image…

    i’m very interested as to how the artist made them….

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