Coffee Chair

Coffee Chair

Unique chair designed by Korean artist Sunhan Kwon was inspired by the silhouette of coffee and tea cups.

Useful handle on the backrest will hold your hat, jacket, or a handbag.

Coffee Cup Chair

Teacup Chair

Coffee Mug Chair

Tea Chair

Tea Cup Chair

Coffee Chairs

Tea Mug Chair

Coffee Chair by Sunhan Kwon

Sunhan Kwon

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  1. kadal

    cute girl…hmm…ah ehem…sorry, cute chair

  2. Dave

    Interesting, but the only really useful aspect of this chair is in it being a hanger for purses. Wouldn’t hanging a purse off a chair make it much easier for a thief to snatch and run?

  3. reason

    What’s the point? We’ve seen that chair. Now it has a handle for no reason other than to say “hey, my shape resembles a coffee cup”. If form follows function then this chair is BS.

  4. Dave

    Had a few more thoughts to go along with my first post.
    1.Useful aspect…um…I guess you could sit on in.
    2.The video reminds me of the haunted house ride at a Disney theme park.
    3.Hot cup of…mmmm.
    4.Now there’s something I’d slowly Savor.

  5. Max

    It’s more interesting to look at this as part of an artistic performance than an actual high level product design. Then again the designer is trying hard to “sell” this chair for what it is worth, which by itself just ends up being a chair resembling a coffee cup

  6. Adrian

    Lol yes Kadal – thats what I thought. Great designs though hat off to the creator :)

  7. Nisa Zul

    nice to see, but to have … hmmm naaahhh…

  8. Douglas

    Average cheap plastic production chair with a handle molded into the back. WOW.

  9. Jorge Cajina

    Super cool.

  10. Betty

    Really like the chair. This would be very cool in the right cafe and love the hand-bag hook aspect.
    The young lady is lovely too, although there is a certain class and intelligence that shines through the images that kind of upstages the product!

  11. Karen

    FINALLY I can fill that coffee-cup shaped hole in my heart. There has never been something so useful.

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