Shadow Faces

Shadow Faces

Isaac Cordal created three-dimensional grid faces and used street lights to cast their shadows onto the pavement in London, England.

3D faces were sculpted into the metal grids of several kitchen strainers.

Grid Face

Shadow Faces by Isaac Cordal

Face Shadow

Unidentified Suspects by Isaac Cordal

Face by Isaac Cordal

Faces by Isaac Cordal

Metal Face

Face Shadow by Isaac Cordal

Isaac Cordal


Colander Face

Shadow Face by Isaac Cordal

Shadow Face

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  1. ShanteJ


  2. kadal

    woowww….after wire art… its strainer art..

  3. PersonalGenius

    And they all have Shrek heads…

  4. sashimi

    s, shrek?!

  5. maboobe


  6. kahlie

    HA! They do all have Shrek heads.

  7. Douglas

    Sorry honey, I didn’t notice and drained the pasta and…

  8. Gert

    Weird and yet cool.

  9. Jack

    He would save time by mooshing his face into the mesh

  10. Chris

    to have taken something we use once in awhile, common kitchen tool and elevated it into a thought provoking sculpture….and then used the shadowing effect of light to make it even more…..excellent

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