Hollywood Sign Hotel Concept

Hollywood Sign Hotel Concept

Danish architecture firm Bay Arch wants to transform the famous Hollywood Sign into a modern hotel.

The proposed 10 floor hotel would feature 308 rooms, 3 swimming pools, and an observation deck – all hidden behind the letters.

Hollywood Sign Hotel Entrance

Hollywood Sign

Hollywood Hotel Concept

Sign Hotel Concept

Hollywood Sign Hotel

Hollywood Sign Hotel Diagram

Hollywood Hotel

Hollywood Hotel

Hotel Concept

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  1. Stephan

    This is a awesome idea…to me it looks like that would have to do the surrounding areas up though.

  2. KKL

    that’s not new… Dr Evil did that before (actually i think is Scotty did that)

  3. Chammy

    Dr. Evil did do this. fo sure

  4. Rob

    Then we can do and Eiffel Tower hotel and a Statue of liberty hotel and maybe a great wall of china hotel. Sorry, I like the idea but build it elsewhere. Somethings are icons by themselves.

  5. Critical Eye

    Yeah, not so original… Las Vegas has hotels based on a landmarks on every corner. Also, the real Hollywood sign is only about 45 feet tall… much less than half the height needed for their proposed 10 story hotel. They’d need to tear down the real landmark to make this recreation.

  6. nigel

    is there not talk of taking down the original sign anyway as the land ptice in that area is so high and the sign land could be worth a small fortune… could be a rumour…

  7. forumlogic

    Could be a solution to the desperate and lonely suicides that site has attracted.

  8. Moburkhardt

    your never gonna get that permit!


    great idea but dont drink and take a walk or you will go on the last ride of your life!! thats quite a cliff!

  10. bird

    it’s still a really cool idea

  11. but-

    didn’t Heff already buy the land around the sign to preserve the area?

  12. PHADE

    Hey Rob….In Regards To Your Statement

    “Then we can do and Eiffel Tower hotel and a Statue of liberty hotel and maybe a great wall of china hotel. Sorry, I like the idea but build it elsewhere. Somethings are icons by themselves.”

    The Reason They Are Thinking Of Doing This, It’s Because The Land Where The Hollywood Sign Sits Was Bought: So To Keep The Sign As An “Icon” They’re Thinking Of Converting Into A Hotel Instead Of Just Demolishing It.

  13. Toski

    This was actually a REAL proposal… The land where the Hollywood sign is situated, went for sale. I’m not sure of all the details… The thing is that Hugh Hefner bought the place for $ 900 000, preventing from any of these stupid ideas of happening, and saved the day!! hahaha Expect a new episode of Girls of the Playboy Mansion shot on site though!!

  14. MrSatoV

    Hooraaay for Hugh! I didn’t know that! That’s awesome!

    But… I don’t know if I’d say this really took away from the landmark sign. It basically makes it more than twice as big, but still tries to hide itself behind what would be the new “sign”. Nothing wrong with that. Plus, it is sure to be kept up better than the current sign has been. My biggest concern is what it will do to the natural landscape surrounding it. Maybe a provision protecting that land, as well as the hotel owners having to foot to foot the bill for that protection, including fire prevention (sprinklers?).

  15. Simplicity??

    The area behind the sign was up for sale, but a private foundation bought it to prevent development near the sign. The final cost was about $12 million, of which Hef put up $900k.

  16. timmay

    i like it alott i think they shuld do it.

  17. dalla

    Be so exciting to stay in! Although it looks like you can see it behind the sign when youre looking at the sign =\

  18. anna


  19. ajaz

    very nice beauty……………

  20. Karin L.

    Love the idea!

  21. Vanessa

    what happens when those tornadoes from The Day After Tomorrow come by!? D:

    still a nice idea though ^_^

  22. jah

    I’m glad the smog was accurately represented in the mock-up. haha

  23. Mia

    They should use this concept. I completely support it. I mean, after all, it’s just a sign. They could at least make it a bit more exciting. After all, a white sign is just a boring blank sign. A white sign hotel is more creative. In fact, I think it should be a colorful thing.

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