World’s Smallest Postal Service

Worlds Smallest Postal Service

California based artist Lea Redmond makes and sells miniature letters and birthday cards.

Unique miniaturized letters come in tiny envelopes with small postage stamp, red wax seal, and a magnifying glass.

Miniature Letters

Miniature Post Office

Worlds Smallest Mail

Tiny Letter

Miniature Mail

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  1. Larna

    I wonder whether the Post Office or The Postman will overlook this small letters and drop it or slip it when collecting the letters in the mailboxes. Blahh.

  2. Eric


  3. kadal

    my eyes hurt

  4. Manuel

    Cute envelopes! :)

  5. mark

    @Larna, I saw a documentary a few weeks back about this and there was a minimum size for envelopes. But hey at least you can still send one of these in a bigger envelope and add a magnifying glass to go :P

  6. Larna

    @mark then the function of ‘cute miniature envelope’ will be gone if we insert em in a bigger envelops… :D

  7. morning_hen

    Reminds me of my childhood – making tiny mails, money, etc :D

  8. Mahmoud

    actually awsome

  9. douglas


  10. deanna

    the post office doesn’t accept fake miniture stamps :/

  11. Danyell

    I do think they’re super cute. But it’s a shame you can’t actually send them so it sort of defeats the purpose.

  12. MJ

    Why was Lea Redmond sending that letter to herself on the 5th picture. Wow! That’s sad. Lol

  13. James Ward

    Next thing ya know, someone will invent miniature emails…oh wait…Twitter

  14. chelseafc

    I got my boyfriend one of these… He loved it! They’re SO adorable!

  15. Georgie

    @douglas, I despise people who say ‘pointless’ when referring to pieces of art like this. Is there a point to any art? Sigh, I give up on people like u

  16. Dawn

    I sent these to three different people and they all loved them. They are enclosed in an envelope that is to the USPO’s requirements, so they won’t get lost.

  17. Ali

    very nice and cool

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