Paper Clip Handbag

Paper Clip Handbag

Creative handbag designed by Peter Bristol looks like oversized paper clip.

Eye-catching handbag for people who like to stand out and get noticed.

Paper Clip Bag was created out of aluminum tubing and wool felt.

Paper Clip Purse

Paperclip Purse

Clip Bag

Clip Bag by Peter Bristol

Bag by Peter Bristol

Paperclip Handbag

Peter Bristol

Paperclip Bag

Paper Clip Bag

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  1. jury

    clip is first of all is the mechanism of the castle.
    And the bag? As springy? Should be a click – open . When the sticks spring assigned down. and clothespin – closed when up.

    Š¯andle bags are durable enough – fixed in position angle. – little black chair? ;)

  2. Gert

    LMAO! That would be great for someone with an office job and a goofy sense of humor.

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