Trapped People Street Art

Trapped People Street Art

Controversial and memorable street art by Dan Witz features realistic images of people trapped behind fake ventilation grates.

The artist places these photo-based, heavily painted stickers on the walls and buildings around New York and other cities.

Dan Witz Sticker

Dan Witz Art

Trapped Sticker

Clever Sticker

Fake Ventilation Grate

Ventilation Grate

Dan Witz

Dan Witz Street Art


Trapped Person

For more inspiration, check out: Clever Uses of Stickers in Advertising

  1. Lyndi

    I want to see pictures of peoples reaction to these :D

  2. Glenn Contreras


  3. Enkhsaihan


  4. liam

    not necessarily pointless, interesting art project making people pay more attention to their surroundings… would have made a great ad campaign for amnesty international

  5. Me

    Very cool! What an amazing way to get people to wake up a little to what’s around them. And it’s so obvious, but it’s the first time I think I’ve seen anyone do it. Nice work.

  6. Raoul Duke

    I actually own one of the stickers. It was inside of Klebstoff #2 Stickermag

  7. fede

    i think there is an amnesty campaign, on the floor and text tattoo in fingers… maybe he did it…

  8. Georgie

    @Enkhsaihan – Your comment is pointless

  9. Vadim

    Neat idea, but why the profanity (in the video)?

  10. Michael

    one of these showed up on my building a few months ago. definitely had an awesome wtf moment

  11. Daveyboy

    Love the concept behind these, something slightly disturbing about them though. (as posted above) I would also love to see how ‘Joe public’ react to them.

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