Apartment with Movable Walls

Apartment with Movable Walls

Modern apartment with moving walls designed by Yuko Shibata from Japan.

Sliding wall helps transform the library into a living room and the wall with integrated bookshelves separates the bedroom from the home office.

Apartment with Moving Walls

Movable Wall

Sliding Walls

Apartment with Sliding Walls

Moving Wall

Apartment with Sliding Walls

Moving Walls

Movable Walls

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  1. Evie

    Very cool

  2. krista

    i dont get how it works.. someone tell me what..

  3. kadal

    inspired me well

  4. Mapache

    Reminds me of that scene in Brazil where two officemen had to share a desk in the middle of a wall.

  5. Rigel

    The neighbors of underneath apartment thanks the designer for the rumor of an entire wall that moves around their head making them not sleeping or causing a very big headache.

  6. olga

    Interesting thinking…

  7. mark

    took me a while to understand how it worked. quite a hassle but this is great for smaller apartments.

  8. levani

    Seems not so convenient when you are drunk :D:D:D

  9. bertdaniel

    This would be much better if it comes with video. Me either, I don’t get how the movable walls works.

  10. OwlKef

    I like the concept, but I don’ t really know how it works.

  11. Atavistica

    Useful, can’t wait to see the bathroom with moveable wall so when someone’s in the bath you can still get to the bog.

  12. jumanicus

    should of had a video with it, cos i dont geddit

  13. Diego

    you might wanna check this to understand it better http://www.yukoshibata.com/intl/en/project/switch/009.htm.

    They’re 2 separate rooms. The first 2 pics are the library/living room. The rest are the bedroom-study room being conected to the working room by the window with the shelves that turns into the green wall when opened

  14. Tin

    Wow! Amazing!

  15. Aerwhyn

    I know this really sounds stereotypical, but the Japanese really do come up with some of the greatest ideas and time and time again they have popped up on this site.

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