3D Basketball Court

3D Basketball Court

The world’s most unusual basketball court is located in Munich, Germany.

Designed by Inges Idee, this basketball court has been shaped in a 3D program on a computer to look like a roller coaster. To make the game even harder, street lamps were installed on the court.

Extreme Basketball Court

Creative Basketball Court

Basketball Court

Inges Idee Basketball Court

Unique Basketball Court

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  1. gnhblfgh

    lol it would be funny if u bounced the ball and it went back to your face

  2. The Hooded Claw

    A basketball court where no one plays (or possibly can play) basketball…

  3. asimo

    it’s funny but how to play basketball on it?

  4. Jones

    I would definitely f#%^k up my ankle playing basketball on this.

  5. Me

    3D baskeball courts? As opposed to the 2D basketball courts in Flatland?

  6. Chucky

    Cool! Nice Design!

  7. chelsea_fc

    Kinda defies the purpose doesn’t it?

  8. Jumanicus

    wait wut is the friggen point of this? at first i thought it was a perception kinda thing but this is purely redundant

  9. Poet

    Jumanicus, I don’t think the word redundant means what you think it means.

    They should have also made it from grass, to make sure nobody even tries playing basketball on that very dangerous court.

  10. Paul

    I’ve been there and it basically is just an outdoor recreation area for Oracle (you know, that giant business / building in the background). The area is really huge – also because it’s on the outskirts of the Munich CBD and there isn’t much of what you’d call shops, etc around there.

  11. hoershey

    I live in Munich but that’s the first time I heard about it! I definatelly have to go and check it ou!

  12. Jay Moss

    “To make the game even harder, street lamps were installed on the court.”
    Sorry dudes, but looks like they really expected someone to try to play on this.. “roller coaster court”!? hahahahahha

  13. Alex

    Holy Crap, would’ve never suspected to see vocational school on this blog!

  14. Pete

    All the benefits of a grassy park, but paved over with some sort of felt-looking stuff. Because grass is annoying.

    Interesting, assuming it’s a temporary art exhibit. Otherwise, really annoying.

  15. max

    i think the person who designed it was blind, or did not know how to use the 3D modelling program

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