Facebook Dress

Facebook Dress

Creative dress made by Romanian fashion designer Lana Dumitru looks like a Facebook profile page.

The girls who are brave enough to wear this memorable dress in public will get plenty of “likes” and “comments”.

Facebook Profile Dress

Facebook Themed Dress

Facebook Inspired Dress

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  1. Heather

    Wow, whatever happened to being creative?

  2. WhoBeWhat?

    Looks more like a shower curtain.

  3. Martik


  4. David Waters

    Not very secure…. therefore a perfect impression of Facebook

  5. Dominic

    You know what… I like it lol 10/10

  6. woops

    Really? No one has made a ‘poke’ joke yet?

  7. Poor Leno

    This is bad. Really bad.

  8. gunneos


  9. Abi


    funny dress

  10. Atavistica

    This looks like the modern day equivalent of having your face on your own tee-shirt. It doesn’t happen for a reason.

  11. Fubr


  12. Danyell

    It’s not even a design! There’s so shape to it. It’s like wearing a shower curtain with her profile picture on it. Boo! No points!

  13. SofaKing

    Oh my God I want one!!! wait no I don’t because its literally the worst idea I have ever seen. Honestly how did this make it past the stage “hey let’s make a dress that looks like facebook”. Was there not someone close by to say “stop it, seriously”

  14. VinceVega

    so….can I poke her?

  15. Ninja Egg :D

    OMG!!! This is one of the worst dresses ive ever seen!!!!! Its ugly, not original, and i think we can all agree it looks like its gonna fall off her! im soooo not wearing that! This is a discrace. Doesnt need to be on Toxel. AT ALL!!!!!! I HATE IT!! :P

  16. Betty

    Actually, as modern pop culture statements go, I like the dress. It makes a point about we say about ourselves in social networking sites, the intimacy, lack of privacy, there is a certain rawness.
    The negative reactions I see here surprises me. As far as statements go, I’ve seem a lot boring or worse things. For example, I’m sick to death of all things in Mario, iPod and gun/weapon related.

  17. Jordan

    Well, there has to be bad design for there to be good design. This is just a reminder that bad designs exist for a reason. trial and error.

  18. Josh

    That just looks like paper!

  19. Marcus

    What a load of old rubbish… just like Facebook!

  20. Zaira


  21. Jonathan Roseland

    That’s poorly designed… Could be clever if it looked good on her.

  22. Kevin

    she is cute though

  23. KadaL

    the idea was like “insisting to be creative”.
    and, why facebook? why not TOXEL for example? toxel sure much more creative than facebook.

  24. KaK

    Not all new things are creative.. sometimes, they are immoral in addition to it is disgrace for those presenters.

  25. Amy

    It looks really bad – and yes, it looks like a shower curtain! No design, no idea there.

  26. elisha

    i think its going to drop from her body when she walk…wat an impratical n insecure “dress”!!!haha

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