Amazing Playhouses

Amazing Playhouses

American company Lilliput Play Homes makes custom playhouses that will provide a lifetime of fun memories for you and your kids. This post showcases their amazing children’s playhouses.

Mansion Playhouse

Incredible playhouse features built-in bookshelves, fireplace, paintings, simulated hardwood floors, and custom play kitchen.

Mansion Playhouse

Playhouse Interior

Castle Playhouse

Fortress playhouse comes with a lookout tower and a rock climbing wall.

Castle Playhouse

Clubhouse Playhouse

Secret clubhouse for boys and girls where grown-ups dare not venture.

Clubhouse Playhouse

Firehouse Playhouse

Awesome playhouse designed for kids who want to become firefighters.

Firehouse Playhouse

Theater Playhouse

Features carpeted floors, staircase, and a balcony with plenty of seats.

Theater Playhouse

Cottage Playhouse

Enchantingly beautiful house is the perfect place to dream away the hours.

Cottage Playhouse

General Store Playhouse

Modeled after a small-town market, this playhouse comes with a checkout counter and merchandise shelves.

General Store Playhouse

Grand Victorian Playhouse

Beautiful and enchanting playhouse came straight out of a fairy tale.

Grand Victorian Playhouse

School Playhouse

Learning your ABC’s has never been this fun!

School Playhouse

Luxury Playhouse

Decorated with grand piano that you can play and beautiful dining set.

Luxury Playhouse

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  1. erwin prasetyo

    great… Mansion Playhouse so awesome..

  2. sumwanto

    wow, hope i have one of thoose in my childhood

  3. jose villeta

    these children will grow up spoiled. this does not make me proud.

  4. bananaman

    Wow, they’re incredibly detailed. Yes, the children may possibly end up to be spoiled, but they’re still amazing.

  5. Betty

    I have a bad feeling about these. The woodwork is wonderful but i doubt that it’s good for kids. Ever thought about how much “dr.” gets played in play houses?

  6. t.

    sadly, these kids’ houses are bigger than my ny apt.

  7. 2LV2

    Future Drug Addicts!

  8. Ging

    can I be a kid again?

  9. Josh

    AMAZING! Everything looks so strange with the scale of objects being so different to normal! And then you look at the kids inside them, and they look like giants and really small kids at the same time! It’s weird!!

  10. Reilly

    @sumwanto… wait, so you’re a baby? O_o

  11. MMM

    I would live in these! Makes me want to be a kid again!

  12. style

    Looks realy dangerous with al thoose stairs

  13. tara

    isnt the whole fun of a clube house the fact that you made and it is not perfect with sliding glass windows sorry i liked that i was a real kid

  14. Santana

    a huge cardboard box and some crayolas will do the work

  15. ccc

    I want the castle. And to be 6 years old again. :/

    But yeah, I agree with Tara too.

  16. tt

    while I think that these playhouses are incredible, I believe they should belong in perhaps a daycare or school. Whether or not the young recipients of the playhouses grow up spoiled remain in the responsibilities of the parents when they are deciding if the set is to be given as a deserving gift or an act of resignation to a child’s demand.

  17. karina

    I remember when I was 7 and wanted one of those :c

  18. nidia

    woooaaa…seems comfortable to live in..I want one ;D

  19. Dominic

    Wish i had something like this when i was growing up; Definatley buying for my children…

  20. sandra

    so awesome i want one like that.

  21. Ron

    I can’t help but feel that for kids, less than all the details and hardwood floors, etc., what would be more important is lots of free space to let their imaginations run wild – which these houses, i feel, can’t provide because of all the googaws in their designs.

    and someone’s going to get hurt in that fire station playhouse.

  22. Kirvi_Inci

    My uncle has been building them since the late 90’s out of “spare” pieces left over from his construction jobs. They are beyond amazing when finished. Also, I don’t think they hamper a child’s imagination. I know it actually encouraged ours in terms of being creative in how we wanted it decorated and what we would play. They are really just a small piece of the larger imagination puzzle to a little kid.

    Also, these really are not that much different from the little tykes plastic versions of playhouses.

  23. Heather

    I don’t believe that these children will end up spoiled, Xbox TV and PS3’s do that this promotes healthy outside play very very cool

  24. RachelC

    These look pretty awesome. The mansion one is too much…looks more like you don’t want your kid in your house, so you built them their own! =)

  25. Gert

    Imagination? Well, you still have to come up with your pretend name and title then you have to come up with the plot, which toys will be involved, where to put props.

    Hm, guess I still remember being a kid. I had a really elaborate kitchen set I still kind of miss and I don’t remember it’s details hampering my imagination one bit. If anything, life like props made me focus on the story instead of spending all my time improvising props.

  26. Jason Lee Smith

    When I was a kid, I had a cardboard box…

  27. Q

    These kids probably don’t have them in their back yard. They’re probably in grandparent’s backyards, a daycare/preschool, or maybe by a cabin. But I could see how a child
    could be spoiled from one. (Aka I WANT TO GO TO GRAMMA’S RIGHT NOWW!!! WAHHHHHH)

  28. Yaima

    I think they are amazing and I wish I could go back to bein a kid. Actually I want to buy one for my daugthers 4th birthday and I can be kid again while I play with her! I think it’s will be a piece of her childhood memory that will stay with her forever. This is the kind of toy that we all dreamed about and imagined being in while we played as kids. The people who think this will spoil your child, has no imagination. These little houses make a gorgeous foundation for all kinds of dreams. I can already see her inside the little house playing tea time with her dolls, or putting the “babies” to sleep… Or having her friends over for cookies… This is the best part of a human’s life! No worries, just play time! ;)

  29. AJ

    I had a playhouse growing up. It wasn’t like these. It was a chicken coop transformed into my house. I loved it! I spent many hours in it, using my imagination! I have a little tyke castle for my three kids now and would give anything to be able to give them a place big enough for them to have the same kind of memories.

  30. grandma of 7

    Stop the sick thoughts … these are children we are talking about!
    I have 7 grandchildren and will have one of these in my back yard, great place for kids to play … we use to play star trak above the pig barn well my older sibblings did anyway. This is much better then killing each other with xbox or ps3 or to much Tv…. love this! !!!

  31. Mom of 2

    2 words LOOKS PRICEY but if I ever save enough I will buy it for my daughters… hopefully before they are to old XD

  32. ABC

    I think it’s the best invention ever!!!!and I love the idea of my children being able to
    act like there adults. It’s so exiting to watch them decorate and design there very own house, I don’t know why some of you grumps are whining. If I was a child (wich I wish I was:) then I would want my parents to bye me one, and of cours I wouldn’t let them get spoild. I just hate going to people’s houses and watching there children scream and shoute for what they want. In my opinion I think my children are very well manerd and deserve one of these lovely houses, that spark up amagination and creativity.

  33. Yessenia

    I love them! I wish I could buy one for my daughters….. And me! Lol

  34. becca

    why didnt my parents know about this when i was little….i want one!

  35. Ab

    i want to move out

  36. sarah

    my girl and her cousin got the first its like the live in it they got food and everything in there its nice and big.

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