Super Mario Bedroom

Super Mario Bedroom

Creative bedroom designed by Dustin Carpenter for his 13-year-old daughter is filled with characters and objects from the Super Mario Bros. video game.

Super Mario themed bedroom painted and decorated with stickers that remind her of iconic levels and obstacles from the game.

Bookshelves, pillows, and bed sheets all inspired by Super Mario Bros.

Toys look like Mario, Yoshi, Goomba and other Nintendo characters.

It took more than 60 hours to complete the renovation.

Super Mario Inspired Bedroom

Mario Bedroom

Mario Themed Bedroom

Mario Inspired Bedroom

Super Mario Bros Bedroom

Super Mario Bed

Super Mario Themed Bedroom

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  1. cube

    some people really have a lot of time

  2. Gert

    Cute for a little boy.

  3. Marie

    Or Girl :)

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