Christmas Tea

Christmas Tea

Christmas Tree inspired tea packaging concept designed by Maja Matas, Kresimir Miloloza, and Jozo Matas.

Christmas is about getting together with the people we are close with. That is why each tree comes with two tea bags. Christmas Tea encourages you to spend time with a dear person while you drink a hot beverage.

Christmas Tree Tea

Christmas Tree Tea Packaging

Tea Packaging

Christmas Tea Packaging

Creative Tea Packaging

Holiday Tea Packaging

Tree Tea Packaging

Clever Tea Packaging

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  1. EugiKo

    super! i’d buy one ;)

  2. Erin Maree

    Would be nice to package one up individuality with some homemade biscuits for a gift. Very clever, wonder if they do just normal tea or ‘Christmassy’ tea like cinnamon, ginger etc

  3. Ninja Egg:D

    @Erin Maree
    I was thinking more like peppermint ^_____^

  4. neo

    great idea for xmas season

  5. Sharyn

    Brilliant! Would be a great stocking stuffer or secret santa gift for a tea fan.

  6. aggi

    Very nice and clean! I bet getting that lid back on is a b****…

  7. Augur

    Looks nice, but the tree half looks like paper and that would get wet…
    Also u canĀ“t fill up your cup because the tree would get wet…
    And I would guess black tee would be best so it looks like the tree is standing on the ground :)

  8. Gert

    Solved the problem, switch the tree so the stem is on the outside.

  9. Art of Concept

    Cool concept!

  10. Mon Sun C

    This is a cool twist on Christmas tea!

  11. Nat

    Its nice but thats a whole load of packaging for just 12 tea bags

  12. Feer

    how cuteee :D

  13. Mok

    Where can i buy it??

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