Rocking Chair for Two People

Rocking Chair for Two People

Comfortable rocking chair created by German designer Markus Krauss.

Sway chair features padded seat, metal body, and innovative shape that enables many-sided use. Telescoping leg allows the user to stabilize the chair and stop it from rocking.

Two Person Rocking Chair

Sway Chair

Sway Rocking Chair

Rocking Chair

Markus Krauss Chair

Markus Krauss

Rocking Chair for Two

Chair for Two People

Chair for Two

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  1. MMM

    Oh yes I need this!

  2. misigno

    >implying I have someone to share that chair with

  3. hamid

    Useless, cant sleep on it, not comfortable for other position except mentioned

  4. Cdog


  5. I Like Traffic Lights

    Must. Have.

  6. Clemo

    Great design & functionality. Excellent!

  7. Debbie

    Where do I buy this chair?????????????

  8. Gert

    I have a very nice porch swing that satisfies this need and I get to look at my rose bushes while in it.

  9. Lee

    that one’s a must! i tried it out last year in milano. makes you relax in seconds!

  10. James


    I have something that is similar therefore I don’t need, want or even appreciate this!

    …yeah. enjoy your porch swing.

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