Simplified Bicycle

Simplified Bicycle

Innovative bicycle with short frame and no chain designed by Josh Bechtel.

No chain means less moving parts and reduced complexity of the bike.

Optional “rear steering mode” allows sharper turns and “crab-riding”.

“Bicymple” – compact and lightweight bike that is easy to maintain.

Simple Bicycle

Simple Bike

Bicymple by Josh Bechtel

Josh Bechtel

Simplified Bike


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  1. reason

    I guess I don’t understand how this is more simple than the original bicycle that had no chain. Maybe I’m not biking enough parking garages?

  2. Fillibert

    Why does the back have to pivot and simple would be fixed gear

  3. Max

    I would’ve guessed something exactly like this would already exist for ages. It’s so simple and great for people who like to do crazy things with their bikes. I like it

  4. Nisa Zul

    Which part of this make it more simple??

  5. itai

    The description and name of this product is terrible. But this can be really neat.

  6. khambhati burhanuddin

    from where i can get this cool bikes and at what cost can u do home dilivery

  7. Fakhri

    Actualy, you don’t have to tag it as simplified bicycle, because fixed gear is simple enough. The idea is pretty good, i like the pivot in the back btw

  8. chillaroo

    i think theres reasons this wasnt there before.

  9. jonaskabonus

    its like a unicycle with one more wheel

  10. Jacob

    Guys, fixed gear still has a chain that can derail and needs to be lubricated. This has only pedals attached to the hub. Less moving parts, plus added ways to ride.

    It says the rear can be fixed so only the front steers.

  11. Zack

    @Jacob unfortunately it is the initial complexity that makes the chain on a bike the simplest part. It’s designed to reduce effort by using a gear and tension system.

    This idea is dangerous, I can only imagine someone speeding down a hill and the back side pivoting slightly throwing the user off- or trying to struggle up a hill.

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