Princess Leia Headphone Covers

Princess Leia Headphone Covers

Creative headphone covers inspired by Princess Leia’s famous hairstyle.

Made out of synthetic hair by Jacquie Coe, cinnamon bun hair covers are available in three different colors. Perfect gift for Star Wars fans.

Star Wars Headphones

Princess Leia Headphones

Jacquie Coe

Star Wars Headphones Covers

Princess Leia

Jacquie LongLegs

Headphone Covers

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  1. anon

    more like hairy cinnamon bun headphone covers

  2. Kev

    it looks like monkey ears from the front… lol but cool though

  3. gunneos

    cool, but my hair isn’t brown :(

  4. Ed

    @ gunneos, it says it comes in three different colors. :)

  5. douglas

    FAIL !!

  6. MasterOche

    Wow!! This can turn on my lights aver!!! LOL!!!

  7. Lynn

    I suppose somebody with a Star Wars fetish would enjoy this…every day use, I don’t think so.

  8. Maru

    would be awesome if they took a photo with her looking like Princess Leia.. right now like @anon said looks like cinnamon bun.. haha

  9. Dominic

    These are sick lol i want a pair… Maybe a Wookie pair too ;)

  10. Gert

    As though there are only say.. 2 or so Star Wars fans out there….

    That said, this should say Princess Vespa inspired IE Spaceballs because she wore a pair of these in the movie.

    I wonder why Douglas thinks this is a fail? Poor execution or just that he’s a raging Trekkie and can’t stand anything not about his taste in movies?

  11. Amy

    Too cool! got any blonde ones?

  12. John

    What’s up with the teeth picture? Am I the only one that doesn’t find that attractive?

  13. cerulean

    I was gonna say. the teeth pic is weird and unattractive. but otherwise, cool idea.

  14. Lilia Smiles

    I really got to laugh… I like the comments so far! Hairy cinnamon bun! Although I’m not a Star Wars fan wasn’t Princess Leia’s hair up into the two twists one the side? Shouldn’t they have at least one picture where it bears some resemblance? BTW she looks like she could use a nap.

  15. Mark

    Ahhhhhh no.

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