Beautiful Staircase

Beautiful Staircase

Creative wooden staircase designed by Atmos Studio for nature inspired residential house in London, England.

The staircase was formed from a series of tree branch inspired threads that hang from above and merge into unique handrail.

Creative Staircase

Modern Staircase

Unusual Staircase

Cool Staircase


Unique Staircase

Curvy Staircase

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  1. blargh

    I would trip on this so much..

  2. Darrell

    Reminds me of Willy Wonka for some reason..

  3. Ian H.

    I like how it looks natural, even though all the treads have the same depth…

  4. Rob

    Beautiful, but the metal handrail doesn’t fit.

  5. The Moggy

    Wouldn’t want to come back home drunk to those stairs..

  6. bob

    failed from chinese fengshui interior design perspective!

  7. Ray

    I’m drunk right now, and that would kill me.

    Awesome, though.

  8. Danyell

    Beautiful, but I hope no one has vertigo!

  9. lanvy

    bob had apparently failed in creative classes.

    I just love it when people who haveto take classes to learn how to live always sound like they’re on a right path to zen some how.

  10. Svetlina

    Looks really nice. But I`m not cleaning the dust from this thing :)

  11. Mike

    Great. Just the one handrail on the wall going up kills the whole thing.

  12. Danny

    Looks great but i have no idea what kind of furniture would match this.

  13. J Jones

    Is that a toilet in the last picture?

  14. Aru

    Am I the only one feeling dizzy just looking at that?

  15. Dominic


  16. Househangover

    Absolutely beautiful!

  17. flatsolid

    Beautiful modern interpretation of Art Nouveau. It certainly demanded an extraordinary level of craftsmanship and CAD sophistication.

  18. aderugin

    Thought exactly the same thing as flatsolid did!

  19. Jorge Cajina


  20. Elena


  21. miggy

    honey the stairs is melting!!!!!!!! oh im just drunk

  22. roy

    this one is dizzying. this is a stupid design for a stair.

  23. dave S.

    Timmothy Leary’s house?

  24. Mr Maseki

    Nice but dizzying imaging coming home late at night drunk and trying to go upstairs. First you would puke you guts out three times before you decide to sleep in the living room. hehehehe

  25. Rebekah

    Apparently you people drink too much.

  26. Pete

    news flash, folks: Not every house is designed with drunken arrivals as the top priority. You people drink too much, I’m with Rebekah here.

  27. Gert

    I guess my definition of beautiful is quite different than what is represented here. I don’t personally care for it.

    As for designed for drunks, no, but houses should be designed for reasonable safety. This look like it would be an issue for the elderly and small kids.

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