Photoshop Tattoo

Photoshop Tattoo

American graphic designer Megan Orsi proudly shows her creative tattoo of iconic Photoshop toolbar.

“The Girl with the Photoshop Tattoo” lives and works in Pittsburgh, PA

Megan Orsi

Photoshop Toolbar Tattoo

Photoshop Toolbar Tattoo

Megan Orsi Photoshop Tattoo

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  1. Johan

    Haha very brave thing to do. I would never had done it though.

  2. Divinity C

    Most definitely a PS lover

  3. mangkum

    It is Photoshopped

  4. Pupi

    What if the new version is released?

  5. Gert

    If it was the toolbar rarely changes much Pupi.

  6. Tahere

    Photoshop mania!

  7. Awesome

    if they ever change the toolbar then she’s instantly vintage and cooler than you.

  8. Fillibert

    less artsy more nerdy would be to tattoo a cheat sheet of CS shortcuts

  9. Finn

    would be better if it was InDesign :p

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