Sugar Cube Sculptures

Sugar Cube Sculptures

Miniature buildings, bridges, and cities made out of thousands of sugar cubes.

Sweet sugar cube sculptures created by talented artist Brendan Jamison.

Sugar Cubes Sculptures

Sugar Sculptures

Sugar Cube Sculpture

Sugar Cubes Sculpture

Sugarcube Sculptures

Sugar Cube Art

Sugar Sculpture

Sugar Cubes

Brendan Jamison

Brendan Jamison Sugar Cube Sculptures

Brendan Jamison Sugar Sculptures

Brendan Jamison Sugar

Brendan Jamison Sculptures

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  1. aokiharu

    omg! i LOVED this! <3

  2. Noni

    The ants are marching one by one, hurray! hurray!…

  3. Shirley Nelson

    I’ve been telling my friends that Toxel is a goldmine. So awesome! I’m so impressed with the sugarcube sculptures. It’s great!

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