12 Cool and Innovative Cameras

12 Cool and Innovative Cameras

Unusual cameras and creative digital camera designs from all over the world.

Minox Spy Camera

This camera is so small that is can disappear in a clenched fist.

Minox Spy Camera

Transparent Camera

Nikon D80 DSLR camera inside a custom made transparent shell. [more]

Transparent Camera

Canon Wonder Camera

Futuristic digital camera was demonstrated at World Expo 2010.

Canon Wonder Camera

Pen Camera

Camera hidden in a pen will help you take notes and shoot video.

Pen Camera

Barbie Camera

Video Girl doll from Barbie comes with built-in digital camera.

iPhone 4 with DSLR Lens

Special tripod was used to attach a DSLR lens to Apple iPhone 4.

iPhone 4 with DSLR Lens

HD Action Camera

ATC9K is an all terrain action camera with G sensor and GPS.

HD Action Camera

Fleximus Camera

Camera lens inside a flexible tube comes with either a compact viewfinder or a three-inch LCD display module.

Fleximus Camera

Sunglasses Camera

Modern sunglasses can shoot video, take photos, and play mp3s.

Sunglasses Camera

Watch Camera

Cool watch comes with built-in digital camera that shoots video.

Watch Camera

Pistol Camera

There was a time when DORYU 2-16 gun shaped 16mm cameras were given out to police officers in Japan.

Pistol Camera

Binoculars Camera

Unusual combination of binoculars and an 8MP digital camera.

Binoculars Camera

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  1. Joel

    I want the gun.

  2. hello yellow

    … that pen will prob be usefull for tests..

  3. Art of Concept

    I love these toys! nice ideas!! The gun looks cool, I really like the wonder camera.

  4. hamid

    yes.I agree with *hello yellow* idea about pen camera!

  5. Waqas

    wow. amazing.. I like the glasses cam.. thats amazing

  6. Mapache

    The watch was the only one spy type camera I would use.

  7. Atavar

    Some pretty good concepts here, would have loved the D80 :)

  8. Doink

    Connecting that DSLR lens to the iPhone.. WOW!

  9. arashi

    I want the gun.

  10. laala

    dont you think the camera pen will be wobbly when you recording and write in the same time. however thats great idea.
    love it :)

  11. Sandra Conti

    Sorry, I don’t like any of these co-called ‘cameras’. They are useful if you’re a spy, but I think there is nothing better then a good old fashion vintage 35mm camera, and enough of this ‘futuristic’ stuff, it all looks silly and it’s unncessary. If these ‘inventors’ have all this time to do this then they need to take this time to figure out how they can help animals and stop animal cruelty to improve their lives. Now that would be a great invention!!

  12. Kirvi_Inci

    Sandra Conti: That was the most random posting ever.

  13. kruione

    @Sandra Conti
    thank you for sucking fun out of this…

  14. torjan

    gunnnnn is so awesome

  15. Careerfield

    I have always wanted a pen camera since I was a kid and wanted to be a spy. But now I would have to agree with the gun.

  16. Karin L.


  17. Tom

    Why is it considered ‘creative’ to make everything gun shaped? it’s getting very boring.

  18. bananaz

    :o i want ALL of these! well maybe not the barbie one, but theyre all really awesome.

  19. G Loaf

    i want the barbie

  20. Bajo

    iPhone 4 with DSLR Lens is very touching. Pen camera is good thing.

  21. jaqi mugo

    Binoculars makes sense

  22. secret

    wow…its cool to have a sunglases or wrist watch camera..

  23. Paul

    The Barbie camera is kind of concerning… pedophile’s dream toy?

  24. he


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