Kevlar Socks

Kevlar Socks

Innovative cut resistant socks will protect your feet from sharp objects and allow you to walk, run, and go rock climbing without shoes.

Swiss Protection Socks provide absolute barefoot feeling like no other footwear. They are made out of kevlar, polyester, spandex, and cotton.

Rock Climbing in Socks

Barefoot Rock Climbing

Protection Socks

Swiss Protection Socks

Swiss Protection Sock

Cut Resistant Socks

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  1. ASIM

    you’ll still feel the pain of stepping on a pointy rock…

  2. Senjugudin

    It a ‘must have’ things for me this year…

  3. chelsea_fc

    INB4 Hobbit IRL! Just needs some hair!

  4. MMM

    Going to have to get hubby a pair to go with his Vibram 5 fingers.

  5. Doc

    wished they included in the video men stepping on actual see urchins and broken glass.

  6. Christian

    They should have a version with avery strong rubber material on the sole to prevent sharp rocks from really jabbing you good. It may limit maneuverability a bit, but I think it would be worth it for some activities.

  7. Dominic

    Just ordered a pair!

  8. hello

    Hippie guy from Dual Survival, we’ve got something for you.

  9. Flynn

    Cody Lundin (referred to as “Hippy guy from Dual Survival” by “hello”)def. needs some of these!

  10. Lilia Smiles

    He might wear them since he wears socks just not shoes. If he doesn’t like wearing shoes, which is to protect his feet, will he be willing to wear socks that protect his feet?

  11. Alex P

    Pretty disappointed that they claim these are useful for rock climbing. Good luck trying to hold your entire body weight on a single toe (aka – there’s a good reason rock climbing shoes are actual shoes).

  12. fab

    just choose between a wife and wearing this pair of socks…


  13. Frederick

    @Alex P,

    You’ve obviously never done bare sole climbing… This just takes the cut part out of it.

  14. Tyler

    @Alex P,

    Just 5 days ago I watched an old man lead a 5.11+ in Red rocks, Vegas with bare feet, he didn’t even struggle. Then I watched him do another 5.11 bare foot.

  15. Jorge Cajina

    Big idea!!!

  16. ana

    ouch, that hurt!!

  17. Maseki

    hmmm Bear Grilles can use this in his next show

  18. Chris

    do these protect from heat?

  19. ken myers

    Considering putting these under my boots if i get sent to Afghanastan…how is their moisture wicking?

  20. Rick

    Will these prevent sting ray puncture?

  21. Randy

    Haven’t seen anything about walking on asphalt and concrete. What’s the deal with that? Also, probably the first thing I should’ve asked is do they come in men’s size 14 or 14 1/2? If not, I guess for me if they don’t carry the size I need, nothing else matters!

  22. Randy

    No good for every day use though, and god forbid you walk on asphalt! They’ll come apart.

  23. Greg

    I’m a barefoot runner, and I used them the first day I got them for a 10 mile run, on the roads and they fell apart on me the first time I used them.

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