Photoshop in Real Life

Photoshop in Real Life

Clever images by Hungarian artist and photographer Flora Borsi show us a world where people use Photoshop to change their real life appearance.

Just imagine being able to click a button and change the way you look.

Real Life Photoshop

Real Photoshop

Photoshop by Flora Borsi

Flora Borsi

Photoshop in Real Life by Flora Borsi

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  1. BLUE

    omg, is that her real nose?

  2. Me

    ^No, each picture shows the edit that’s being done, the nose one has puppet warp to make it longer. It’s the same woman in each picture. ;)

  3. Mark

    Blue – REALLY? Her real nose? You asked that? So many ways that was a stupid question.

  4. Style


    There are no stupid questions, only stupid people.

  5. George Edwards

    I can’t wait until Photoshop comes out with a big boobs tool! It will be a hit.

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