Underground Hotel Room

Underground Hotel Room

The world’s deepest hotel room is located 155 meters [500 feet] beneath the surface of the earth, inside an old mine in Vastmanland County, Sweden.

For around $600 USD per night, guests of the Sala Silvermine hotel can sleep in an underground bedroom and explore beautiful caves.

Cave Hotel Room

Worlds Deepest Hotel Room

Hotel Room


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  1. Niyari

    That would be so much fun!!!

  2. KadaL

    nice..its really romantic in a dark way. :P

  3. Immelmann

    Really awesome, but… think it gets really hot in there? Or really cold?

  4. Sharyn

    Wow! I’d love to go there. Not sure that I’d be able to sleep, but it looks amazing. I just can’t get my head around being that far underground.

  5. li907

    Wow, that looks so peaceful and harmonic. WANT

  6. Futurama Landlord

    Sure, it ain’t one of them la-di-da above ground places, but if you like dank forget about it.

  7. Critical Eye

    Where’s the bathroom?

  8. Nature Love

    Why do we ruin beautiful, untouched places in this way…? Is it really worth the money?

  9. Mac

    @Nature Love
    Why would we let beautiful places like this go untouched? The world is full of remarkable things that no one ever gets to see, because some would consider welcoming people to the sight ‘ruining’ it. What’s the point of preserving something only to hide it?

  10. Lissa

    Room Service gotta be a bitch :P

    (I live in Vastmanland County :D)

  11. Emmy

    Sayin’ the same thing as “Critical Eye” Where’s the freakin’ toilet?

  12. facy

    @Nature Love

    I understand what you mean. But this beautiful place would never be seen if this wasn’t possible. You for example, would’nt have seen this photos and videos, hence, this beautiful place wouldn’t exist. So think about that

  13. nennejoh

    I would never dare to… not after seeing “the descent”. What if the elevator would stop working? or if the cave would collapse? No.. i would NEVER voluntary to go there..

  14. Jason Lee Smith

    I would totally take my wife here, we would have a blast!

  15. Ren Jackson

    I work in a deeper gold mine then this and it is AWESOME…… EVERY ONE SHOULD SEE IT…..

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