200 Calories

200 Calories

Informative photo series by WiseGeek features different kinds of food and beverages arranged in portions that contain 200 calories.

Visual representation of what 200 calories actually looks like on a plate.

Remember that average person needs to consume 2000 – 2500 calories every day to maintain their body weight.

The exact number depends on the age and height of each individual.

Coca-Cola (496 ml = 200 Calories)

Coca Cola Calories

French Fries (73 grams = 200 Calories)

French Fries Calories

Ketchup (226 grams = 200 Calories)

Ketchup Calories

Potato Chips (37 grams = 200 Calories)

Potato Chips Calories

Hot Dog (66 grams = 200 Calories)

Hot Dog Calories

Cheeseburger (75 grams = 200 Calories)

Cheeseburger Calories

Bacon (34 grams = 200 Calories)

Fried Bacon Calories

Butter (28 grams = 200 Calories)

Butter Calories

Eggs (150 grams = 200 Calories)

Eggs Calories

Cheddar Cheese (51 grams = 200 Calories)

Cheddar Cheese Calories

Smoked Turkey (204 grams = 200 Calories)

Smoked Turkey Calories

Bread (90 grams = 200 Calories)

Bread Calories

Milk (333 ml = 200 Calories)

Milk Calories

Fruit Loops Cereal (51 grams = 200 Calories)

Fruit Loops Cereal Calories

Donut (52 grams = 200 Calories)

Donut Calories

Tootsie Pops (68 grams = 200 Calories)

Tootsie Pops Calories

Cheetos (38 grams = 200 Calories)

Cheetos Calories

Snickers Bar (41 grams = 200 Calories)

Snickers Chocolate Bar Calories

Gummy Bears (51 grams = 200 Calories)

Gummy Bears Calories

Salted Pretzels (52 grams = 200 Calories)

Salted Pretzels Calories

Candy (50 grams = 200 Calories)

Candy Calories

M&M’s (40 grams = 200 Calories)

MandMs Calories

Doritos (41 grams = 200 Calories)

Doritos Calories

Avocado (125 grams = 200 Calories)

Avocado Calories

Apples (385 grams = 200 Calories)

Apples Calories

Blueberry Muffin (72 grams = 200 Calories)

Blueberry Muffin Calories

Splenda (50 grams = 200 Calories)

Splenda Calories

Peanut Butter (34 grams = 200 Calories)

Peanut Butter Calories

Bagel (70 grams = 200 Calories)

Bagel Calories

Canned Tuna (102 grams = 200 Calories)

Canned Tuna Calories

Saltines Crackers (50 grams = 200 Calories)

Saltines Crackers Calories

Peppers (740 grams = 200 Calories)

Peppers Calories

Green Peas (357 grams = 200 Calories)

Green Peas Calories

Red Onions (475 grams = 200 Calories)

Red Onions Calories

Salted Nuts (33 grams = 200 Calories)

Nuts Calories

Carrots (570 grams = 200 Calories)

Carrots Calories

Pasta (145 grams = 200 Calories)

Pasta Calories

Grapes (290 grams = 200 Calories)

Grapes Calories

Celery (1425 grams = 200 Calories)

Celery Calories

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  1. cole

    This is brilliant! i’ve been hearing and thinking a lot about calories and what i eat recently, and this is an excellent way to inform people about what is inside their food. They should make this into a a PSA used the world over – though i’d be cautious: Casey Neistat made a video about how restaurants in new york are deceiving their customers on the caloric content of their products –


  2. Frank

    Calories mean nothing.
    Stop obesity, stop the ‘fat is bad’-myth.
    Low Carb High Fat is the answer.

  3. nanobelle

    Frank, if you noticed the amount of energy producing carbs is a much smaller portion than say carrots- that’s because you need to eat a whole lot more of other foods to get the same benefits as whole grain carbs. Notice I said whole grain. That’s the part that people dislike. High fat, low carbs lead to coronary disease. Moderate carbs, high plant consumption better…

  4. Kittu

    I didnt know I could eat an entire doughnut and gain only 200 cal! Well fitness guru’s say a balanced diet is the best. A little of everything and not excess one.

  5. Freedom

    Clearly the vegetables win this one. What a surprise!

  6. Gert

    Funny, when I go on diets I’ve always turned to carrot sticks for weight loss. Glad to know I was on the right track.

  7. jacklyn

    The gummy bear one is just sad. I eat WAY more than that.

  8. Karen

    This makes me rethink everything I eat :P

  9. meme

    Just eat paleo!!!

  10. Libeerian

    I wish they had a Guinness example…

  11. We

    Who just said calories are rubbish? Dunce.

  12. Depressed

    This is depressing

  13. Paula

    Wow good to know its calories I burn when I run on the tread mill so looking at it this way helps me see the true amounts of food that it takes to eat 200 calories. Thanks.

  14. Andrea

    Thank you for this… I’m on diet and this is so helpful to make right decisions what to eat in the afternoon

  15. Ever hungry

    Lovely food pictures has made me hungry. I think I should have a snack!

  16. Rae

    Wow, really good perspective on things. I had no idea that TINY bit of peanut butter was 200 calories!!!!

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