Salt Art

Salt Art

Beautiful drawings and unique sculptures created out of salt by talented Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto.

Intricate salt labyrinths and creative art installations take many hours to complete and require hundreds of pounds of salt.

Salt Drawing

Salt Drawing by Motoi Yamamoto

Salt Installation

Salt Installation by Motoi Yamamoto

Salt Artist

Beautiful Salt Art

Japanese Salt Art

Salt Sculptures

Salt Art from Japan

Motoi Yamamoto

Salt Mountain


Salt Pattern

Salt by Motoi Yamamoto

Salt Sculpture

Salt Sculpture by Motoi Yamamoto

Salt Art by Motoi Yamamoto

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  1. woops

    I’d love to put a slug in one of those labyrinths

  2. Lilia Smiles

    ^ LOL! Wow that’s a lot of salt…does he have his own supplier?

  3. charu

    Fantastic work..

  4. itai

    I wonder why salt, and not, say, sand?

  5. Laia

    Hmm he’s got some time to spare, i think.
    Nice though!

  6. Alinalinaa

    Oh, he is somehow sticks together? because every blow smashed and everything!

  7. Tim

    That staircase reminds me of the one from The Lord of the Rings when the Fellowship was in the Mines of Moria and Frodo and Aragorn were trapped and the staircase was collapsing.

  8. Jeff

    Exactly, same here.

  9. Junnie





    – Gandalf the Grey

  10. sniffy


  11. woops


    I wonder why salt, and not, say, cocaine?

  12. Luna

    @itai – I know that salt is used to purify spaces in Japanese culture, so maybe that’s the significance of its use by this Japanese artist.

  13. flatsolid

    Salt has the obvious advantage of not attracting incects. Sand would be too heavy and not at all easy to remove. Yes, cocaine would be a real breakthrough, but it would be unaffordable in such quantities.

  14. looloo

    enter..ceiling fan!!!

  15. Bob


  16. Shandya

    Those are really beautiful art. But isn’t it, somehow a kind of waste? What is he going to do with all those salt after the exhibitions? I mean, there were times when salt was considered as valuable as gold…

  17. Double


    There were times like that. Now salt is easy to make and is practically unlimited in quantity as you can just boil off sea water.

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