Back to the Future

Back to the Future

Wonderful photo series by talented photographer Irina Werning invites you to travel back in time using the power of photography.

People from all over the world have reenacted scenes from old photos for the ongoing “Back to the Future” project.

Daphne in 1986 and 2011

Artist Irina Werning

Johanes in 1994 and 2011

Back to the Future Project

Violeta in 1981 and 2011

Back to the Future Photographs

Zurbano Family in 1999 and 2011

Back to the Future Pictures

Sonia and Lauri in 1988 and 2011

Back to the Future by Irina Werning

Sole in 1988 and 2011

Back to the Future 2

Andy in 1967 and 2011

Back to the Future Series

Carli in 1990 and 2011

Irina Werning

Puna in 2003 and 2011

Back in Time Project

Patrick in 1968 and 2011

Back to the Future Images

Juan Carlos in 1982 and 2011

Back to the Future Series by Irina Werning

Alexandra in 1970 and 2011

Photographer Irina Werning

Seba in 1986 and 2011

Back in Time Photography

Carol in 1960 and 2011

Photographs by Irina Werning

Fer F in 1981 and 2011

Back in Time

Sander in 1983 and 2011

Back to the Future 2 by Irina Werning

Diego in 1970 and 2011

Back to the Future Project by Irina Werning

Lea T in 1995 and 2011

Photos by Irina Werning

Lea B in 1980 and 2011

Back to the Future Photography

Christoph in 1990 and 2011

Photography by Irina Werning

Giorgio in 1982 and 2011

Back to the Future Photos

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  1. jacklyn

    woah. freaky

  2. minions

    This is amazing… how much detail was replicated!

  3. The Thinking Insomniac

    Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Betty

    These are WONDERFUL! Especially like the one the bare baby boy/guy…the way he looks up is perfect, and the boy/guy at the Berlin Wall… amazing! They are all good!

  5. John Cline

    They are delightful; however, assuming that the dates are correct and the subjects on the right are recent manifestations of the subjects on the left, I have a problem with “Puna”. It would be 43 years old, and dogs don’t live that long. In this case, they must be different dogs. The other ones, however, are consistent with aged versions of the earlier photos.

  6. nisa zul

    Love it.

  7. Belgium

    I love these! Some people really never change…

  8. John Cline

    A CORRECTION OF MY EARLIER POST: I put the wrong label on the picture. The age range should have been 2003 to 2011. That makes a lot more sense. Sorry!

  9. Sharyn

    Wow! I love these, and I love how much fun the subject seem to be having with it. Big congrats to Lea T – she looks like she’s only aged a year or two, not 16.

  10. Gert

    These are great. Of course having danced as a girl myself, my first reaction was hey, that little girl has really good form. lol

  11. Rhama

    I hope i can catch my photo like it.It so amazing

  12. Ru

    I’ve seen this done a couple of times before, but these are the best examples I’ve ever seen. Really good job re-capturing the expressions of the subjects, matching backgrounds, and editing with filters to get the nostalgic glow.

  13. Jorge Cajina


  14. Babak

    Love it…

  15. Roman

    Incredibly cool!!! THX

  16. lea

    the wall one is the best

  17. luna

    I’ve seen this type be4 but this one is amazing cuz by these details u can touch the fact that we are changing in the time tunnel!!
    real art i can say!

  18. Khurram

    Simply brilliant idea & very well executed. Loved the details.

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