Amazing 3D Fish Paintings

Amazing 3D Fish Paintings

Japanese artist Riusuke Fukahori creates three-dimensional fish paintings.

Each 3D painting consists of multiple transparent layers. Liquid resin is poured into wooden container and then painted when it becomes solid.

By repeating this process, the artist is able to create realistic fish with lifelike vitality.

3D Paintings

3D Fish Painting

3D Painting

Realistic Fish Painting

Goldfish Salvation

Riusuke Fukahor

Realistic 3D Fish Painting

3D Fish

Riusuke Fukahor 3D Fish

3D Fish Paintings

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  1. Impressed

    Nice, very nice. They look very realistic.

  2. Manpreet

    Amazing, a very unique concept of painting

  3. kadal

    amaziiiiinggggg………….never seen this before

  4. jam

    holly cow!! impressive!!

  5. Ken



  6. Brian

    VERY amazing! Where can you purchase his work?!

  7. Lilia Smiles

    THIS IS EPIC!! Oh my gosh this technique is so amazing! It looks very time consuming but the results are impressive.

  8. gunneos

    wow! i want one.

  9. Shinta

    This is so cool…

    Are the little ones for sale? It can be a very cool gift !! :)

  10. Mon Sun C

    Wow this is amazing. I’ve done layering but would have never thought to use resin. Really cool!

  11. Nisa Zul

    seriously amazing!

  12. AdrianLee

    I am impressed! Looks so real.

  13. adkarta

    mmm,, the goldfish IMHO seems creepy

  14. Gert

    Holy crap on a cracker that’s cool!

  15. Shandya

    The technique is outstanding! it almost looks like real fishes poured by liquid resin………….

    Wait a minute, why not pouring real fishes by liquid resin, that would be easier right? :)) j/k

  16. Agnes

    This so beautiful. It looks so realistic. WOW

  17. Dominic

    oh my days, thats wicked!

  18. Andrew Kelsall

    Amazing work, I must say! The artist could miniature ones of these and sell them on or similar site; they’d be quite popular…

  19. vie

    My God, really amaziiiinnngggg… !!!

  20. Jade

    At first I really thought the artist use real goldfish :D
    It looks sooooo realistic

  21. Feer

    I have no words, thats freakin amazing o_o

  22. flatsolid

    Very delicate! The man has ingeniously adapted the 3D-printing technique to painting.

  23. Villageidiot

    Mr. Fukahori has all my respects. This is outstanding. As a fellow artist we always believed that we have to venture out to the unknown. To create “NEW” things. I hope I can one day create something as unique and as beautiful as his work.

  24. Ezzat EzAldien

    Everyday proves that there is an extreme room for “ethical” creativity – need just to find the room!!

  25. Linda

    Love this work, I have never seen anything like this before. Totally awesome.

  26. Linda D

    Is it really painting I do not believe in you:(

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