Church Tanks

Church Tanks

Thought-provoking sculptures created by talented American artist Kris Kuksi.

Beautiful church buildings are combined with powerful military tanks.

Unique sculptures make people think about religion and war.

Church Tank

Kris Kuksi



Church Tank Sculptures

Churchtanks by Kris Kuksi

Church Tanks by Kris Kuksi

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  1. gunneos

    this is very well made, but why only churches? they don’t represent the entirety of religion.

  2. jury

    the mouth of the gun through the porch or through the altar? Firing range, accuracy?

  3. boyo

    one blast will tumble all the bricks off the tank

  4. Sepehr

    Beautiful and deep…

  5. Douglas


  6. Vinz Clortho

    Initial reaction is contradictory but throughout history the two are actually inseparable. The killing of others for a differing religious belief in the name of God. God needs to save us from ourselves.

  7. Payaam

    Brilliant idea! loved the photos.

  8. Subarulol

    Hail mary anyone?

  9. stefano

    Clever, but I would add also other religions buildings..

  10. Dumbo

    Awesome, but (like others have said) the project would really benefit from having other religious building presented also. Then again the project might have been taken out of context in which the artist was trying to send a message to a specific audience by just using Christian symbolism/architecture. Still, very nice!

  11. Swiper Fox

    hmmm… To conquer others either by force or by religion.

  12. louis cipher

    I am reminded of ‘Disposable Heroes’ by Metallica

    Life planned out before my birth, nothing could I say
    Had no chance to see myself, molded day by day
    Looking back I realize, nothing have I done
    Left to die with only friend, alone I clench my gun

    Soldier boy, made of clay, now, an empty shell
    Twenty one, only son but he served us well
    Bred to kill, not to care, do just as we say
    Finished here, greeting death, hes yours to take away

  13. Noumenon

    Bringing you some comments off Reddit:

    That’s an M1 Abrahamic tank.

    The new popemobile!

    It fires holy water from its turret for efficient baptisms.
    –“Not a Pentecostal tank, then. We immerse, not sprinkle!”

  14. Doc Fig

    For some strange reason, I find myself humming “A Mighty Fortress”

  15. Lydia Lozano

    Is this what they mean by “the Church Militant”?

  16. Jack

    The vast majority of wars have had absolutely nothing to do with religion, and even when religion is cited, it’s usually an excuse. The past century alone should convince you of that: it has witnessed a large number of wars, almost all of them of a savagery unimaginable previously (mechanized warfare, chemical warfare, nuclear warfare…) typically waged by explicitly secular, even atheist states.

    That said, the tanks are pretty.

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