Mirror Paintings

Mirror Paintings

Beautiful landscapes reflected in strategically placed mirrors look like photo realistic artworks painted on canvas.

Large mirror on painter’s easel was photographed in the desert near the Joshua Tree National Park in California.

Creative project by New York based photographer Daniel Kukla.

Mirror Paintings by Daniel Kukla

Daniel Kukla

Mirror Photography

Reflection Photography

The Edge Effect

Photographer Daniel Kukla

Mirror Reflection Photography

Mirror Painting by Daniel Kukla

The Edge Effect by Daniel Kukla

Mirror Painting

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  1. aokiharu

    This is amazing! :)

  2. Eric

    So you put a mirror in a desert and took pictures of it……. why is this considered art?

  3. Betty

    Very cool–and unique!

  4. Joe

    Eric, go look at Piss Christ, complain about how un-art it is and join the rest of the naivety.

  5. Rossile Gonzales

    Wow… Nice… Very Cool… I never heard of mirror art before but it’s kind of cool… :)

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