Creative Photos of Squirrels

Creative Photos of Squirrels

Canadian photographer Nancy Rose documents the adventures of squirrels that live in her backyard.

Miniature toys and props with hidden peanuts attract the squirrels and the photographer is able to capture the perfect shot.

Series of creative photos shows the secret life of adorable squirrels.

Photos of Squirrels


Squirrel Tales

Life of a Squirrel


Life of Squirrels

Squirrel Photography

Photos of Backyard Squirrels

Creative Squirrel Photography

Squirrel Adventures

Squirrels by Nancy Rose

Creative Photos of a Squirrel

Nancy Rose

Photos of a Squirrel

Adventures of Squirrels

Canadian Squirrels

Backyard Squirrels

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  1. Sharyn

    Awww they’re so cute!

  2. Mimi

    So love theses

  3. AsAs


  4. Betty

    What fun!

  5. Nancy Rose

    Thanks for the Publicity! Come visit me on flickr to see more of Mr. Peanuts adventures and order a year full of smiles …..

  6. Karen

    This much take so much effort but the end result is spectacular!

  7. Libeerian

    I could have sworn I ran over that thing the other day…

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