Creative Leaf Art

Creative Leaf Art

Beautiful artworks created by Malaysian graphic designer Tang Chiew Ling.

Talented artist combined real leaves with drawings of fashion models, objects, and regular people.

Fallen leaves get new life in the form of unique and creative works of art.

Leaf Drawings

Leaf Art

Fashion in Leaf

Fashion in Leaves

Leaf Drawing

Leaf Dress

Leaf Artwork

Leaf Art by Tang Chiew Ling

Leaf Illustrations

Leaf Illustration

Leaf Fashion

Tang Chiew Ling

Creative Leaf Drawing

Creative Leaf Drawings

Tang Chiew Ling Leaf Art

Clever Leaf Art

Dress Made of Leaves

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  1. Sami

    So nice and beautiful. Indeed creative and excellent!

  2. Mel


  3. Betty

    Love these!! I’d buy a print–an original if I could afford it–and hang it on my wall. These are clean, elegant, simply and a perfect meld of human and nature.

  4. megan

    I have never thought of this before! Simply artistic :D

  5. esi


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