Dad Colors His Kids Drawings

Dad Colors His Kids Drawings

Loving father colors artworks that were drawn by his children when he goes on business trips every month.

Tatsputin adds color to drawings when he travels on a plane and gives them back to his kids when he returns home.

Wonderful collaboration between creative father and his children.

Father Colors His Kids Drawings

Coloring My Kids Art


Dad Colors Childrens Drawings

Father Colors Kids Drawings

Coloring My Kids Drawings

Dad Colors Kids Drawings

Father Colors Childrens Drawings

Coloring Dad

Coloring Father

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  1. rose

    if only I could color like that

  2. Hassan

    awww wow :) !

  3. Michele

    I love these, so talented and he connects with his kids this way.

  4. George Edwards

    It is unusual to see kids drawings with such an even outline, they are are actually very good ‘cartoons’ to work from. Usually kids lines are more broken and disorganized, I think it may show a latent talent. The father evidently has it too, two talents expressed together who were never formally trained, evidently. Very pure looking. Well, maybe the father had some?

  5. TyRe-Auna

    That’s Super Cool !

  6. Victoria

    They should write a children’s book!!

  7. Marco

    Love the owl! :D

  8. Betty

    Very cool collaboration.

  9. Gert

    I used to do this with the kids I baby sat to keep them occupied. It was a lot of fun and a great way to stretch myself artistically.

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