Sand Art in the Desert

Sand Art in the Desert

Beautiful and creative art installation constructed in the Sahara desert near the Red Sea in El Gouna, Egypt.

“Desert Breath” is a collaborative large scale project created by D.A.ST. art team (Danae Stratou, Alexandra Stratou, Stella Constantinides).

Construction began in June 1995 and was completed in March 1997.

Breathtaking spiral artwork leads to refreshing water. Oasis in the desert.

Desert Breath

Sand Art

Desert Art

Beautiful Sand Art

Danae Stratou


Land Art

Art in the Desert

Oasis in the Desert

Artist Danae Stratou

Beautiful Land Art

Desert Oasis


Sahara Desert

Beautiful Desert Art


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  1. John Cline

    The question arises: How do they keep the desert sands from destroying their art? I would think a big sand storm could wreak havoc on it in a hurry.

  2. Kathy

    Wow – this is incredible!

  3. Shilov

    Same question as John Cline. Its good art and would’ve been incredibly difficult to maintain through the two years they spent in creating it. How are they planning to make it last? Very interesting.

  4. Silvia

    @ John Cline: I think it is _supposed_ to be transient. Like a mandala or something…

  5. Jainam

    I am agree with John Cline and my mind is popping with same question. However they might be doing it, Its so unique piece of art. Loved it.

  6. Nethaniel


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