Train Tracks Graffiti

Train Tracks Graffiti

Creative art painted on railroad tracks by talented street artist Artur Bordalo.

Instead of drawing on sidewalks, walls of tunnels, or trains, Portuguese artist known as Bordalo II decided to add some art / color to the tracks.

Train Track Graffiti

Train Tracks Art

Railroad Tracks Street Art

Train Tracks Street Art

Train Track Art

Bordalo II

Train Track Street Art

Railroad Tracks Graffiti

Bordalo II Street Art

Bordalo II Graffiti

Railroad Tracks Art

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  1. Thunder

    Some of his artworks give a new dimension to train tracks. Other artworks of his don’t add anything… These could just have well be placed on a wall or underneath a bridge. Anyway, interesting work and concept but it needs more refinement. Maybe creating an artwork that represents or reinterprets its surroundings could be a great improvement.

  2. james

    Kick Ass Awesome!!

  3. Ru

    cool but really dangerous :/
    You could so easily get hit by a train or electrocuted (and before anyone goes “oh you can easily hear a train coming”, when there are two coming from different directions, it can be very difficult to work out how close they are and where you should move to get out of the way)

  4. Shilov

    Idea is good bu unsafe.
    Maybe if he does this with the railway authorities as part of some campaign then this can get much more publicity,

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