Unicorn Dog Mask

Unicorn Dog Mask

Eye-catching mask created by talented Japanese designer Hiroko Fukatsu will transform any dog into a beautiful unicorn.

Unicorn Dog Mask – creative Halloween costume for your favorite pet.

Unicorn Dog Costume

Unicorn Mask For Dogs

Unicorn Dog

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  1. Barrie Hall

    TWO EARA-CORN! Awesome work, but I don’t see the need for ears, I guess for floppy eared dogs it makes sense.

  2. Amber

    Love it!

  3. POM

    And it is part muzzle, which is needed because the look in the dog’s eye says “I’m gonna bite you for putting this stupid thing on me!”

  4. Greg Koralewski

    My dog would love it ;)

  5. Pearl Lamie

    This dog looks traumatized!

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