Frozen Soap Bubbles

Frozen Soap Bubbles

Beautiful photos of frozen bubbles captured by talented Washington based photographer Angela Kelly.

Soap Bubbles were frozen by cold weather and then melted by the sun.

Half frozen / half melted bubbles were photographed during sunrise.

If you are brave enough to blow soap bubbles during winter, you can try to make your own frozen bubbles and take creative photos.

Frozen Bubbles by Angela Kelly

Soap Bubbles

Frozen Soap Bubbles by Angela Kelly

Frozen Soap Bubble

Frozen Bubble


Frozen Soap Bubbles Photography

Frozen Bubbles

Frozen Soap Bubble Photography


Soap Bubbles Photography

Frozen Bubble Photography

Frozen Bubbles Photography

Bubbles by Angela Kelly

Soap Bubble Photography

Bubbles Photography

Soap Bubble

Kelly Images and Photography

Bubble Photography

Photographer Angela Kelly

Angela Kelly

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  1. Betty


  2. kelly Tozarin

    Delicate, beautiful and ephemeral.


    outstanding beaty.

  4. jacklyn

    wonderful, i wish i could make my own, but it doesn’t snow where i am :(

  5. Dominic


  6. nidia

    wooow adorably fantastic :D

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