Long Hair Beards

Long Hair Beards

Brilliant advertising campaign uses clever images to promote Garnier Fructis shampoo for men and women.

Women are photographed in front of men dressed in the same clothing.

They blend into one another and it looks like men have long beards.

Creative optical illusions by Publicis ad agency from Switzerland.

Long Hair Beard

Hair Beard

Garnier Fructis: For any hair type.

Garnier Fructis For any hair type

Garnier Beards

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  1. Elron

    It took me a while – but notice there’s no photoshop! thats how the picture was taken

  2. Dumbo

    How does this advertise the shampoo product? I like the clever use of photography but I don’t get it. Also why would a bald guy use shampoo? The advert is clearly stating it can be used for every type of hair, no mention about (washing) beards.

  3. AltF

    Well thought and executed. Love these!
    @dumbo – read the description, will you.

  4. eddie

    Butt in the front.

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