Glass Garage

Glass Garage

Modern house with transparent garage made of glass is located in beautiful Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Glass garage designed by Brunete Fraccaroli proudly displays expensive Maserati luxury car and provides views of the surrounding nature.

Transparent Garage

Garage Made of Glass

Maserati Garage

Brunete Fraccaroli

Brunete Fraccaroli Maserati Garage

Brunete Fraccaroli Transparent Garage

Brunete Fraccaroli Glass Garage

Modern Garage in Brazil

Maserati Garage in Brazil

Glass Garage in Brazil

Transparent Garage in Brazil

Brunete Fraccaroli Garage

Modern Garage

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  1. Swiper Fox

    Since its made of glass, I hope it would not become an OVEN during summer. Since its transparent, I hope someone would not drive through the glass… accidentally.

  2. eemke

    weird.. !

  3. Gert

    Who has that clean of a garage?

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